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How to Move from Online Dating Messages to a Face-to-Face.

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Best messages to move from online dating to a face-to-face date.

Online dating can certainly have its highs and lows.

First you get excited by your matches, then you write what you thought was a great message, sometimes you get a response, other times you don’t. After a while this inconsistency, can be a little disheartening.

But what is worse is that pen pal scenario.

You exchange a number of messages, start to develop a connection only to find you never actually meet face to face…. they simply vanish. This experience can cause you to lose confidence and second guess yourself.

Who has time for that!!

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I get from move from online messaging on the dating apps to an actual face to face date?”

There is a secret that works!

If executed properly online dating messages convert easily to dates.

The more you practice writing online dating messages the easier it gets!

The Key Secret to Moving from online dating to face to a face meeting.

Building an Emotional Connection is the key secret to moving from online dating to face to face meeting.  This is done by asking the right questions that create positive associations.

Stop sending, “Hey, how was your day?”, “How’s your weekend” and start sending something with meaning.

When you send messages that are authentic and creative positive feelings this builds attraction and a lasting impression. It builds excitement, mystery and a desire to meet.

To find out more how to write the initial messages click this link 

Once you have written messages that are getting great responses and you’re feeling positive then it’s time to jump in and ask the BIG question.

Messages to help you to transition from the online dating conversations to a face to face date.

It’s important to be direct and strike while the iron is hot to maximise your success moving from online dating messages to a face-to-date.

“I’ve really enjoyed our conversations online. How about we take this to the next level and meet in person for a coffee or lunch?”

“It would be great to continue our discussion in person. Are you open to meeting for a chat over coffee or a drink sometime soon?”

“I really like our online exchanges and I’d like to meet in person if you’re open to it. Shall we meetup in person to discuss [common interest] and enjoy a drink?

“Our conversations online have been amazing. I’d love to carry on the dialogue face-to-face. How about we set a date for a meet-up?”

“You’re intriguing. I’d love to meet you in. Interested in meeting up in person?”

“I enjoy chatting with you would like to continue this conversation in person. Are you open to meeting for a casual get-together at [preferred location]?”

“Let’s bring our conversation offline and meet for a chat. How about grabbing a coffee or a meal to discuss [topic of interest] further?”

“Our online interaction has been great. How about we arrange a face-to-face meeting at a place convenient for both of us to continue our discussions?”

“I’ve found our online conversations very interesting and would love to meet in person. Would you be open to meeting for a casual discussion over coffee or lunch?”

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