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Rebecca meets her man within 3 months!

Successful HR Manager recovers from Narcissist to attracting an incredible man within 3 months!

Rebecca, HR Manager.

Rebecca a Husband Project case study member went from being in tears and afraid of meeting another narcissist to feeling confident, healing from the past and attracting and meeting an incredible within 3 months.

When I first Rebecca she had a pattern of toxic relationships. She was attractive, intelligent, successful and had so much to offer but couldn’t figure out why she was always getting her heart broken.

Her confidence was shattered, she had gained weight, felt disheartened about dating and was literally on the brink of giving up.

I took her under my wing and we put together a special dating strategy where she would heal her heart, regain her confidence and at the same time meet compatible men with aligned values. At first, she was hesitant but after a while she got her mojo back and she met a handful of great men that helped her regain faith in relationships.

A weeks later met an incredible man, who made her heart shine and smile from ear to ear. She has never looked back!

I still remember her voice bursting with excitement.

She said, “You know Samantha Jayne, when you said to me that I would meet the right man within 12 weeks I wanted to believe you, but I didn’t. I really did want it to happen so much I just thought I’d try the program because I had nothing to lose. Anyway, I’ve met him, and I’ve never been happier!!  I pinch myself everyday 😊”.

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