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The Husband Project

 Attract, Meet, and Marry Your Dream Man In 2023?

If you’re a woman looking for a REAL relationship with the right man, then this is for you!

Especially if you’ve actively tried online dating and what seems like everything else… and you genuinely want to get married…

Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Because I’m going to show you the most incredible discovery I have ever made about men, attraction, how they fall in love and commit

…and I’m going to show you how to apply it to your life just like I did so that you can finally have the relationship you deserve.

Find out how you can be a part of my Husband Project and attract the right man, limited places!


Total confidence means wiping the slate clean means being aware of the relationship patterns of your past and the emotions tied up with that.

It means new beginnings and fresh starts. It means opening doors in your heart, mind, and body that you never knew existed before.

In our confidence program, Samantha Jayne explains how our past experiences have a direct impact on your current reality.

By unblocking past negative experiences and changing them to be aligned with what you want to attract, you can transform your love life from non-existent or routine to exhilarating.

Secret Men's Club

Here’s How To Meet And Date The Kind Of Woman You’ve Always Wanted!

Attract beautiful intelligent women, eliminate fear of rejection, and feel more confident.

If you ever been friend zoned or get lost for words then and want to really understand what women want then, this this is for you!

Discover the biggest secrets to attraction, proven techniques to boost confidence and how to avoid the things men do that repel women.

My techniques are powerful and can help you be the chosen man and be in demand by women!

So let’s do this together, with my specialised Date Coaching for Men.

how to make a man commit

Get the man you’ve always wanted

To make a man commit you need to penetrate a mans psyche on a deep meaningful level and have him associate massive pleasure with committing to you.

My simple steps help you develop a bond so strong with your man, so much so that he fears losing you more than he fears losing his freedom. This inspires him to commit to you fast…before another man does!

If you apply my simple steps you can have the commitment you have always wanted with the man of your choice!

attract the right man

Would you like to:

You Can! The Four Types of Men Is The hidden code to identifying if a man want comitment or if he is just wasting your time and playing games. You’ll also learn the simple steps to prevent him from disappearing, how to create a deep emotional bond so that he can’t get enough of you!

Conquer dating, eliminate self doubt and get your dream man!

Get The Results You Want Quickly By Working With Me

PLUS I will introduce you to the best industry gurus so that you can have the best advice in all aspects of your life. Once you have graduated I point you in the right direction for the other areas of your life.

Samantha Jayne

scientist turned LOVE Guru.

In 2005 Samantha established, a professional matchmaking and introduction service exclusively to professional singles looking for love.

Apart from having a successful business Sam regularly appears on talk-back radio, television and several advice columns offering relationship advice to the nation!

The fresh and honest approach Sam brings to the world of dating advice is great attribute that allows people to bring out their inner goodness within and find true love.