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It doesn’t have to be this way. Picking the right man makes all the difference.

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The Four Types of Men Is The Hidden Secret To Identifying If He Wants Commitment Or Just The Chase. Discover how men think, avoid relationship mistakes, and have more choices with amazing men!

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The 3 Big Mistakes Most Women Make With Men That Sabotage Relationships

Mistake #1 Dating & Falling In Love With The Wrong Man

The number 1 reason women fail in relationships is because they repeatedly pick the wrong men.

If you understand the 4 types of men, you can put an end to meaningless flings, emotionally unavailable men, men that play games and attract a man you can have explosive chemistry with and a lasting future with!

I’ll show you a new type of man you never knew existed!! He is absolute husband material!

Mistake # 2 Using The One Size Fit's All Approach With Men

So much dating advice out there is generic causing you to waste years of your time, impacting your confidence or even repelling the right man.

Some men like to chase while others need you to let them know you’re interested before they make a move. It’s critical you get it right.

The hidden gems are “Marriage Material”, that are often overlooked by women because they aren’t the most obvious ones in the room.

Isn’t it time you get noticed and get the man of your dreams?

Mistake # 3 They Let The Man Choose Them

So many women give up their power and end up with men that choose them. But it doesn’t make sense.

If you’re an independent woman who goes and gets what she wants then, why wouldn’t you go and get the man you want?  Waiting around for the men that chase you is putting yourself last. It’s like eating the leftovers at a restaurant vs ordering the meal you really want.

The men that frantically chase you, when they get you, they are often bored and non-committal looking for the next woman to pursue, leaving you ghosted and back at square one.

The men that are the keepers will not hunt you down, they’re different. You need to use a new refreshing approach to get the attention of that type of man. 

Because when you get that man, it’s so worth it because your life will change for the better and things will get easy, having the family, long term relationship even marriage is simply a natural progression. 

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Put An End To Meaningless Flings And Find Lasting Love With The 4 Types Of Man

How The Four Types Of Men Can Help You Attract The Right Man And Find Lasting Love

Understanding The Four Types Of Men can give you the confidence to know a man’s intentions. 

It helps you attract and keep a man with aligned values and goals in your life so that you can have a healthier relationship. 

It helps you stop the anxiety of not knowing whether he is a player or a genuine. It enables you to identify if he is family orientated and emotionally available or narcissistic or a fixer-upper.

It helps you create a deep connection beyond physical looks because when you go inside his mind and fully understand him he will be drawn to you, and he won’t know why… 

It’s a comprehensive guide that helps you stand out from all the other women out there and be the woman he adores. 

It’s An Advanced System For Attracting The Right Man And Creating A Deep Connection …


As much as people like to complicate the process of dating, it’s actually pretty simple.

Here it is: 

Step 1: Identify & Attract the right man for you

Step 2: Create a deep connection with the man you 

Step 3: Inspire him to take the relationship to the next level.

Everybody knows it is easy when you know how to identify the right man. If you use my man code: The four types of men to do this, you’ll gain power, feel more confident and transform your results.

When you master it, you can read a man within minutes of chatting to him online or offline.

But how do you create chemistry so strong that a man who chooses YOU over and above every other woman…over and over again?

There’s a system for it. I share with you in this program.

Here's What You'll Learn:

If you keep winding up on dates with the same type of man, over and over again, this program is essential for you!

Conquer Dating, Eliminate Self-Doubt And Get Your Dream Man! Exactly What You're Getting

Part # 1: Identify Your Most compatible Man

Part # 2: Trigger Attraction And Bring Him Close

Part # 3: Have More Choice With The Secret Hot Spots To Find Him

Part # 4: Discover The Relationship Style With Each Type of Man

 When you understand the four types of men, you can identify the most compatible genuine man for you and bring him close to you so that you can have the relationship you want.

If you’ve ever thought you’d be in love by now, and you’re ready to attract the right man then, you need this program!

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PROVEN Methods, Techniques, And Tips!

Imagine Your Future With The Right Man In A Secure Loving Relationship.

I have the formula that shows you exactly how to deeply connect with your man’s subconscious to trigger an intense desire in him to want to commit to you.

It’s this deep emotional connection that makes you irreplaceable beyond physical looks. 

I’ve helped thousands of women around the world discover the secrets to attracting the right man to get the loving, committed relationship they want. They have been able to transform their relationships with men and find lasting love and happiness.

I know exactly what it takes to pick the right man and inspire him to fall in love and stay in love!

I’m living proof my formula works. 

Samantha Jayne 
Relationship Expert The Bachelor

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Learning about personality types helped me make better decisions with men. I can now pick the difference between the narcissist and the good guys! Powerful stuff!
Sunshine Coast
I've learnt how to connect with my man better than ever before. My confidence has skyrocketed, and we are taking things to the next level. I love the program so much. I've recommended it all my friends! We are all loving it!
The Make Men Commitment program is amazing!! I'm having so much fun with the seduction script, oh boys watch out! It's only been a day since I uploaded my profile online and I'm getting bombarded with quality men. I'm already seeing transformations!
I recommend the program to all women. It doesn't matter if your single or in a relationship, you'll notice men will be drawn to you. You'll feel more confident, and make smarter choices and get the answers to a man's likely motivations based on his personality now that is priceless!


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