How To Be The Woman Men Find Irresistible?

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Would you like to have more success on your dates? Maybe you’d like to connect with MORE men, so you can have more choice? You, can be the woman men find Irresistible in a few simple steps!

I’m about to show you how to ignite ATTRACTION effortlessly and most importantly identify the best man for you? We all know that dating can be daunting. Even the most confident successful women can feel anxious on a date, especially when she is interested in a man.  What’s worse is the nerves not only make you feel bad and potentially sabotage an incredible date that could lead to a relationship. It all becomes a vicious circle.

Be The Woman Men Find Irresistible

So what’s a girl to do?

She learns the secret to being irresistible to men! Here are some of the most universally applicable techniques to increase your attraction levels and help you get the man you want.

Men Love a Happy Woman. Men are incredible attracted to happy women. Smiling makes you more approachable and you naturally feel more confident the happier you feel. If you’re looking for love to find you happiness from a relationship maybe try doing the things that make you feel happier first and see many more men you’ll attract. Men love a light hearted positive woman. Not to mention when you are at your best you’ll attract the best!

Men Love Women Who Are Fun. Life can be so serious at times. When he sees you’re playful it will brighten up his day.  He will love your sense of adventure. A great way to increase your fun factor is to have interests outside of work or family. He’ll love that you have passions and hobbies. It is something you can talk about rather than work.

Men Love Women That Make Him Feel Good. This is incredibly powerful. Think about it, you want to spend more time with people that make you feel good too don’t you? So, give him compliments they can be anything you genuinely are attracted to maybe his voice, sense of style, smile, sense of humour whatever it is you find attractive. It will spark his interest. Everybody loves a compliment!

Men Love Women Who Ask Questions.  If you’re on a date and a man is doing most of the talking then believe it or not it is a good sign. It shows he is interested in you because he is trying to impress you. Use this as an opportunity to get to know him, his values, desires and goals. It will give you a good indication of the type of man he is. I often tell my clients to prepare at least 3 – 5 questions just to avoid those awkward silences on dates. Ask him things about travel, his passions, share common ground, you should even ask him about his first kiss. Crazy as it sounds this question is a winner to break the ice.

Men Love Confident Women.  I know this is easier said than done but there are a few thing you can do to make you feel good when in turn will make you feel more confident. Instead of thinking about all your past failures in life, think about all your successes, think about who you’d like it to be and be kind to yourself. Let go of negative chatter and replace it quickly with someone positive about yourself. If you want to boost confidence fast I encourage you to get some coaching, either programs or one on one. A little self-development goes a long way!

Enhance Your Best Assets. Pamper yourself you deserve it! Men are visual creates, they love femininity so make the most of it. I always recommend a fresh blow dry before a date and a little bit of makeup to enhance your best features. Highlight your eyes, gloss up your lips and wear clothes that enhance your shape, paint your nails!  When you feel good about you, he will feel good about being with you.

Do all men want to chase?  Not always. The alpha men do love to chase a woman, it’s their natural instinct but if you follow the rule of making a man chase you all the time, you could let a lot of good men slip away. I know for me I gave my husband huge hints so he felt safe to ask me out. If I had played hard to get I would have lost him because he would have thought I wasn’t interested. Good men don’t play games, they are transparent, they make you a priority, they want to commit and have a future with you.

Communicate With A Man According To His Type.  If you haven’t already grab yourself a free copy of my, “The Four Types of Men” download. It show you how to attract and connect with each type of man. You’ll noticed the words to use, whether you should play hard to get or not. This is one of the most powerful tools you could access, plus it helps you target the type of man best for you. It will change the way you date. To get your copy  Click here

Next time you’re on a date be the best version of you and have fun! Embrace the tips above. It may take a few times to feel right but that’s OK, you’re closer than you think. There are plenty of fish in the sea, all you need is one good man! Until next time,

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