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How To Know If He is The Right Man For You.

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The Right Man Vs The Wrong Man.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tell if a man was right for you very early on in dating before you became emotionally invested?

Imagine avoiding a toxic relationship or another breakup because you had the clues as to whether you should stay or go.

If you’ve ever found yourself dating the same guy over and over or you seem to find yourself stuck in relationships with men that are a wrong fit, then you need to see this.

Here’s how to stop repeating the same old patterns and find a man that is right for you!

Aligned Values Are Huge When It Comes To The Right Man!

Values are one of the most important factors in a relationship. They are the glue and mean the difference between a rocky road or smooth sailing. If your man has aligned values your relationship is easier, you build a stronger bond and you grow together as opposed to apart.

If your man has values that are opposite to yours then before you know it things will get tense and you’ll grow apart because your needs won’t get met and you will have different views.

How can you figure out a man’s values do you ask?

You can figure out a man’s values very early on by asking him specific questions.

To find out what a man values look for the following clues.

  • What does he spend a lot of time doing?
  • What does he spend a lot of time talking about?
  • What does he spend money on?
  • What presses his hot buttons?
  • What is passionate about?

Ask questions and the answers will come to you. A simple question about how he likes to spend his weekend or his ideal weekend will give you a mountain of information.

If his ideal weekend is getting up early, exercising and eating well then you know he values health. If he talks about family friends and spending time with them then you know that’s what he values. If he talks about big nights out or spending time at the pub, the races and with the boys then there’s your answer.

A simple question like that gives you so much insight into him. Based on that information you can figure out where you align and where you don’t.

A fun question to ask him is if he was a movie star who would he be?

If he says James Bond, then ask him what he likes about the character. His answers will reveal a lot about his own character.

Aligned values such as family, financial, lifestyle, health and fidelity are critical to the success of your relationship.

How You Feel Around A Man Determines If He Is The Right Man

Something most women underestimate is their intuition. You know you’re with the right man when your relationship gives you a sense of ease, you feel anxiety-free and things are effortless. When things are hard and something is not right, but you can’t put your finger on it, your gut feels knotted and you feel less confident around him. If you’re feeling this dig deeper because it’s likely a sign he is the wrong man.

You have certainty with the right man because he speaks loud and clear about where you stand with him. Your relationship feels solid, you feel secure and safe and certain. His actions meet his words and you’re not walking on eggshells wondering where things are going or waiting around for his next contact.

The Right Man, Is On The Same Page With Time Frame And He Supports You

If children and marriage are on your agenda, then the right man will have a similar time frame to you. It’s no good being with a guy who wants marriage and children in ten years when you’d like it to happen in two. It’s too much compromise and there are no guarantees he won’t change his mind and you might end up missing out.

Find someone on the same page, who supports your goals at the same time and want to make things happen with you. The right man lifts you up and is supportive, he has an interest in your needs not just his own.

The wrong man will drag you down, he will be needy, negative and expect you to fill his void. The truth is no one can fill the void inside expect the person who feels it within. People that drain you are called emotional vampires, you dread being around them because they want you to make them feel better, but you can’t’.

The Right Man Is Your Best Friend.

After the crazy stage of the infatuation period of over, you love will grow with the right man to a more powerful secure relationship. He is the man you can love; trust, have fun with and create a future with. Chemistry is still important but deeper love is what makes relationships last.

The right man will be there for you, he will prioritize you over his friends, boy’s nights and care about how you feel. He knows that relationships evolve, and you can still have your independent friends, but their relationships change over time to a more grown-up adult relationship as opposed to what they have always done.

The Right Man Grows Up.

Never assume because a man is older, he will grow up. Just because a man is in his 30’s, 40’s and beyond doesn’t mean he will be mature. If he is a boy, he will be doing the same things as he as always done in his 20’s and think nothing of it, only he will be carrying around a dad’s bod and less hair. Some people just don’t grow up while others do.

The right man is progressive and evolves, he boys’ weekends are a thing of the past and now he spends time with his friends in a more mature and adult manner or better still you do things as couples. The wrong man will act like a character in, “The Hangover” movie.

Choosing the right man is everything when it comes to a happy healthy relationship. The right man will nourish you; you’ll feel better with him and you have this unexplainable good feeling around him that is deep within your core.

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