Should You Keep Dating During COVID Lockdown or Wait It Out?

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If you’re wondering what you should do during these crazy times, you’re in the right place!

I have some answers for you!

In this new dating world during covid, there has been a total pivot!

Believe it or not, these challenging times have created some positive changes in the dating world. If you do it right you will drastically boost your chances of successfully attracting the right person. Seriously, who would have thought??
You’re probably wondering how is this so?

Well…a lot of counterintuitive things seem to be happening just look at the property market! It doesn’t make sense either.
If you’re single and want a genuine relationship, there is good news for you!

Here’s what I’m noticing is happening right now in the world of covid dating.

Number 1: Monogamy Is on The Rise!

Restrictions, social distancing, and health incentives have resulted in people being more concerned about catching the virus and wanting to stay safe.
It is not possible to casually date anymore and this has been welcomed by motivating people to get into a relationship with the right person.

No one wants to risk being caught, catching the virus, being fined, or wasting time with meaningless interactions. It’s all about compatibility. The benefits of having someone special speaks for themselves when it comes to feeling happier not to mention mental health.

There is an incentive to meet someone with who you can spend quality time and have a future with and get through the tough times as well as enjoy the good.

So, we’ve all heard the stories of people who are not looking for anything serious online and just want “one thing”. Well, that is so old school and simply not possible in the current environment. More and more people both men and women are searching the apps for a genuine relationship. Monogamy is on the rise.

Number 2: There Has Been A Reality Check Which Caused Things To Pivot.

The virus has pivoted the dating culture into keeping things real.
Rather than searching for the next best thing more and more people are feeling the effects of the loneliness and don’t want to feel isolated and it’s this reality check that has woken things up.

One of the most common things I hear people say now is, “I want someone who has my back”, whereas in the past it was more about the superficial factors.

Last night I hosted my fortnightly Husband Project group catch up sessions and it was so refreshing to hear all the positive stories about dating during the lockdown.

The focus was on the emotional connection, the kindness and the things that mattered most with the new ways of dating that are currently happening.

What’s better is when you take the time to get to know someone it’s often a pleasant surprise.

Number 3: Dating App Usage Has Skyrocketed With a Different Kind Of Person.

In the past, a major complaint was the sincerity of online users. People were quick to get on a date and then disappear. Things have changed! An effort needs to be made and slow dating is in!

Slow dating attracts a different type of person who is quietly confident, they want to know the details, the facts, to see if there is compatibility and take the time to get to know someone.

They take the time to invest in getting to know a person.

This style of dating of course repels the type of people who want one thing because they are not able to get to their outcome.
So as a result, they are gone and the new kind of person with genuine intentions is out there putting in the effort. It’s a great time to date to meet someone who is willing to get to know you first.

Number 4: Things Have Slowed Down and Become More Innocent.

It’s kind of cute to see, people are asking more questions, the is no alcohol to settle nerves and the vibe of a restaurant instead you must think outside the square.

More and more people are choosing to video date via Facetime, Zoom or What’s App. I’m seeing a lot of success where dates are lasting 2 hours plus and yes, there is chemistry!

There are also walking and exercise dates depending on the restrictions in your area. Social distancing, flirting with eye contact and words, things are more innocent and genuine connections are being formed.

Number 5: Set Yourself Up For The Life You Want!

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself, your education, being the best version of yourself, understanding what you want and learning the steps to implement to make it happen.

With having the time at home, it is a great opportunity to work on the things you’d like to improve. Maybe it’s feeling more confident, developing a skill such as cooking, online art class or simply putting into practice communication skills that enable you to build deep emotional connections.

Maybe getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new like a new dating app.

What you do right now will impact you when lockdown is over.
It could mean the difference between waking up beside someone you love or getting up alone and starting again.
It’s entirely up to you.

Option 1: Wait this thing out but if you do that sadly you’ll be back in 2020 when it all first started in Australia. If you do this, you’ll lose a few years and never get them back.

Option 2: Do things differently. Get proactive, make things happen and embrace the current situation. Just do it!
My team and I have helped more single men and women find love more than I can even count.

And there’s no doubt in my mind, we could help you too.

If you’d like to know more about it… I’ve got something for you later in the week.

So keep an eye on your inbox!

Samantha Jayne
Relationship Expert and Dating Coach

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