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If you’re tired of bad dates and failing online, then this is the perfect time for you to find someone incredible!

Why do you ask?

With the current client of social distancing measures in place, online dating has boomed and been inundated with new users.


That means that people that would not normally be online are online because in this current environment it’s the only way you can connect with people.

More people mean more choices for you so it’s important you are clever about your selection and you know what key factors to look for and how to engage to keep someone interested in the long term.

And it’s absolutely critical you have a stand out online dating profile because the competition is fierce and you want to ensure you attract the right person and repel the ones you don’t want.

The other factor to consider is the people you meet and the connections you make right now online are more genuine because you can’t just swipe and meet and get down and dirty then disappear, you’ll have to build a connection.

It’s a long-term investment of time and emotions and people are keeping it real!


The conversations are going to be longer, more real, vulnerable and the beautiful thing is it slows things down to more innocent interactions. This enables you where you can take the time to meet each other. The pressure of having sex when you’re not ready is gone, you can keep things real.

What’s even better is the players and bad boys are not going to like it. They are easier to spot as they will be going straight to the sexting and dirty talk. What a brilliant filter.

Over time as you develop a stronger connection with the person of your interest you can feel more confident about your decision and you can also watch for good or bad behaviour.

The big benefit is that online dating sites are accommodating by providing additional services such as video dating free. This enables you to get to see your date and date virtually while keeping your details such as phone number and skype name private.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get online and see for yourself. You just never know who you might meet.


If you’d like help creating a standout online dating profile and have some guidance in selecting the right person then get in touch.

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