The Goddess Secret Of Attracting Any Man!

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Imagine if you could feel so sexy, confident and self assured just like a goddess.

What if you had the certainty that there was a man out there waiting to be your rock?

Or if you could let go of the past relationship baggage and start your dating life with a fresh new start that attracted the man of your choice to have the relationship you have always wanted!


Audrey Hepburn once said:-

” For Beautiful Eyes Look For The Good In Others, For Beautiful Lips Speak Only Words Of Kindness And For Poise Walk With The Knowledge That You Are Never Alone!”

Now Audrey was a true goddess. Not in a way that is vixen or over powering.

She was a  woman of style, class an ultra femininity. She was a classic beauty and men and women adored her style and grace. She did exposure her body. He elegance was timeless and sustainable.

So what is it about a woman that draws a man so eagerly to be with her and want to be by her side?

It has nothing to do with having the beauty of a goddess, quite the opposite actually.

It’s has a lot to do with how she makes her man feel.

How she makes her man feel has a lot to do with her beliefs.

Beliefs can help you achieve such greatness and anything you really want or they can hold you back and limit you.

You beliefs create your reality, your world.

The true essence of a goddess is to have beliefs that make you feel good and others around you.  That’s why Audrey Hepburn’s quote is so beautiful. It looks for the good, it is positive, it makes you feel good reading it.

It’s quote profound really. I remember the first time I saw it. (It was the back of a bathroom door in Brisbane in a restaurant). I read it and thought. Beautiful! It changed my life.

You too can ooze goddess appeal by looking for the good in others, in situations and speak only good of others. Try it! It will change your life. (It’s harder than you think!)

A goddess is free and playful. She trusts others and trusts herself to be good to herself.

A goddess let’s go of the past. She see’s the past painful experiences as lessons and is grateful they have helped her define what she wants. Without negative experiences how would she know what she truly wants.

A goddess takes time for herself. She nurtures herself with the simple things. A walk in the park, sitting by the beach, slipping into a warm bath, pampering her nails and she smiles often.

To learn more about how to bring out your inner goddess stay tuned on my blog.

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