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Dating isn’t’ easy at the best of times but believe it or not dating during the pandemic can open up doors for you.

Think about all the difficult situations in your life that have offered you the opportunity to grow. The pandemic is very much the same. 

It’s a time where you are forced to stay at home, you can’t connect face to face, you have a lot more time on your hands because you’re no longer commuting to and from work. You have time to think about what’s important and what’s not.

I know for most what sinks in is the concept of, “Is this it?” 

I know for a lot of singles out there that have been in touch with me since the coronavirus pandemic hit, it has been a real wake up call. 

A wake-up call that screams, “Yes, I want to be in love with the right person, yes I want to have a strong emotional connection, yes I want someone to wake up next to during the good times and the bad!” 

I want to raise my standards and be truly happy because you only have one life. 

What better motivation than a reality check of a lifetime?

So here are some reason’s why you must keep dating (safely of course) during the coronavirus pandemic. 

# 1 Accomplish your dating goals because this too shall pass. 

It’s almost April and if your goal was to meet someone this year then now is the perfect time to start chatting and exploring. The effort you put in now will pay dividends. 

Right now there are more singles on the sites than ever giving you more choice than ever and more people are chatting, connecting and you know this means more relationships will evolve. 

Sure at first you might have to be patient chat longer than expected but this is a fantastic way for you to get to know each other and once this pandemic is over you should have someone or a few pretty amazing people to meet in person. Imagine that!! 🙂

# 2 Connecting with Others Is Good For Your Mental Health. 

Whilst we have been forced to physically isolate it’s important you stay connected virtually with others. Social isolation is not good for your mental health, it is associated with depression, anxiety, cognitive decline and just doesn’t feel right. So make sure you take care of your mental health and reach out.

Now is the time to get creative and get out of your comfort zone. Register on a dating app you haven’t tried before, get used to the technology, find a favourite site and chat away. Even if you keep things light-hearted and think of it as simply reaching out and making friends. Who knows who you might meet!

Just be sure you talk to someone every day, whether it’s online, via phone, text, just something. Activity breeds success. 

#3 You’ll Get To Date Like A News Reader and Save Time and Money 

Never again will you have the opportunity to experience life as a newsreader. You can wear and amazing top and hide your bottom half 😉 

Seriously though never again will you have the opportunity to date from the comfort of your own home. Think about the time you save getting to your date destination, the money spent on food and wine with a newbie that you don’t hit it off with. The good thing is you won’t be stuck at a restaurant waiting to politely exit if your date doesn’t meet your expectations, now you can enjoy a simple meet and greet virtually. 

# 4 You Can Boost Confidence And Get Better Results

Now is the perfect time to work on you and put what you learn into practice. While you’re at home practicing isolation you can use the time to enroll in an online course that can help you boost confidence, learn to flirt, ignite attraction, tap into your masculine or feminine energy or understand the opposite sex. Whatever it is there is something out for you to learn to improve your dating results and help you attract the person you want. 

Imagine the caliber of people you’ll attract being the best version of you! 

# 5 Dating During The Pandemic Means More Effort With Communication.

More effort communicating means you’ll have more opportunity attracting singles what want a real relationship. The game players are not going to be interested in chatting for long, they’ll get straight to the sexting. The singles that want a genuine relationship will be happy taking the time to chat, ask questions to get to know you and will be more responsive. 

Now is the time to see the light in the darkness, focus on what you what and go and get it. This is an opportunity to bring you great joy, it’s up to you as to what you do with it. 

If you’d like help creating a standout online dating profile and have some guidance in selecting the right person then get in touch.

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