5 Steps To Instantly Boost Confidence When Dating

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Do you have confidence at work yet when it comes to romantic relationships your confidence levels disappear?

Maybe you’ve been hurt, caught up in an unhealthy relationship, or simply don’t have the experience.

Maybe you feel unattractive and wonder if there are any good people left out there, so you hide away or sabotage great connections.

Whatever your experience if your confidence is down, you will never be able to be your true authentic self, and this is doing you a huge injustice.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Deep down you know you’re intelligent, you have a big heart, so much to give, good values, and deserve someone incredible.

You can have what you want and total confidence.

You need to restore, cleanse, and rebalance from the past and learn to trust in positive relationships.

To make this happen you need to find security in a relationship with the most important person on the planet, ‘YOU’.

Love yourself, your ambition, aspirations, and who you are in spirit. You need to undo the past and recreate a positive future.

A toxic relationship can really diminish your ability to trust others and yourself.

When you have a lack of trust you withdraw from people as a protective mechanism so that you don’t get hurt you may even second guess yourself not trusting your decisions leading to feeling anxious.

On the other hand, don’t push people away and you have low self-confidence and are fearful of being alone you are likely to draw more toxic people into your life.

If you have a pattern of toxic relationships, you need to heal and recover from past trauma so read on and I’ll help you.

It’s important to get your confidence on track because if you leave your trust broken your future relationships will suffer you will either push people away or draw more toxic people to you.

Confident people have healthy boundaries and don’t put up with bad behavior it’s the only way to be.

Here’s how to have total confidence fast

  1. Start your day with positive self-talk.

Mindset is everything, just like Henry Ford said, “if you think you can if you think you can’t, you can’t”. 

Make positive statements about yourself to have confidence in dating.

If you find self-doubt or insecurities kicking in because you are thinking about past negative experiences or toxic relationships quickly switch your thoughts to think about something else that feels good.  Sometimes bad experiences can give you real clarity on what you want. I like to call it to contrast!

You know what feels bad so now go and think about what feels good!

If you’re struggling with this accept that sometimes some people do bad things, it doesn’t mean everyone does.

Keep on repeating positive statements or affirmations that distract you from the past negative or toxic relationship or the person and their actions.

Every time you find yourself thinking of the person, force yourself to have more productive, positive thoughts. Train your brain to think about other aspects and focus on things you can control.

Think of the future you want and start to create steps to make it happen. Ask yourself what is my lesson in this?

  1. Set small goals to make it happen and feel confidence in dating.

Accomplishments are a great way to boost confidence, even the smallest things can make a difference.

Get out to a networking event, say hi to a stranger on the way to work or at lunch. If you’re not confident to date yet just expand your circle on a friendship basis. Practice communicating with other people and make it your goal to make them feel good with no expectations.

Set daily goals and rituals such as making your bed, exercising, getting rid of excess items that you don’t need. Get rid of anything that reminds you of a bad experience of a relationship.

Take 10 minutes a day to swipe right, keep an open mind and start chatting to people even if you don’t really feel like it. Before too long you will start to have fun again.

Think about what small goals you would like to achieve, write it down and start taking action.

  1. You are coloured by the company you keep.

The quality of your company is important. Don’t surround yourself with people for the sake of it, be selective.

Ask yourself do the people in my life make me feel good about myself? Do they support me and lift me up?

Talk to positive supportive and uplifting people don’t isolate yourself.

The best distraction is to be social it will help you propel forward. It will also give you evidence that there are good people out there this helps you build trust

Think about the future you want and the type of people you would like in your life this will help you build confidence in dating and meeting new people you are interested in.

When you are dating and getting to know someone ask yourself, “Is life better with this person” and use it as a benchmark to determine whether you take things further”

If they reject or ghost you then think of it as just a ‘filter’, rather than think they dumped me, think do I want someone like that in my life? Absolutely not!

Every person gets you one step closer to the right one.

  1. Invest in yourself to have confidence in dating.

Spoil yourself you deserve it. Get a spa treatment, new look, do a course that gives you a new skill set, it’s excellent for confidence.

Take a holiday, treat yourself to something you have always wanted. Care for you like you would like to be cared for!

When you invest in yourself a world of opportunities will open up. You’ll get new skills, meet new people, and completely transform your self-confidence. There is just one of you and investing in yourself is telling yourself that you’re worth it.

When going on dates be prepared, invest in learning about dating, communication techniques that allow you to emotionally connect and attract the opposite sex.

Before your dates be prepared. Have a few questions so that if you get stuck for work you have something to say to avoid awkward silences. Preparation is the key to confidence and success.

  1. New daily activities that are unrelated to the person.

If that old person or relationship gives have been bad for you then have a fresh start.

Start doing daily activities that are new and unrelated to that person.

When you do this, you rewire the neurons in your brain to form new patterns of thought.  Take up a new hobby, join a club–anything positive to fill your schedule and keep busy. Don’t give yourself time to obsess.

Then, make these new activities part of a new, everyday routine. Rebuild your life around other priorities.

When dating a new person go to a different restaurant, location and do things differently dream big, and don’t talk about your ex or bad experiences instead focus on the future.

You know if you persist, take action it will work out for you! 🙂

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