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How To Flirt – Secrets Your Date Can’t Resist

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Do you get nervous at the thought of flirting?

Maybe you’re worried about embarrassing yourself and don’t want to look too eager?

 Maybe your overthinking makes you freeze and get lost for words because you worry about getting rejected?

It’s ok…I’ve been there too! 🙂

If you want to learn how to master flirting and create attraction then you are in the right place.

So, ditch the cheesy one-liners and follow the tips below to flirt your way into creating attraction effortlessly.

Tip 1. Flirt By Giving Compliments

Compliments are my favourite way to flirt, they are incredibly effective because make someone feel good. In fact, they have a compounding effect, they make both the person giving the compliments and the person receiving them feel good, so you can imagine how positive this is when you are together. When you both feel good it creates positive associations and allows room for comfort and playfulness which helps someone get out of their heads and into their hearts. 

When you are considering what compliments to use make sure you dig deeper. Surface level and unoriginal compliments such as “you look amazing” or “you’re beautiful” can seem impersonal and are often overused and can turn someone off.  

Instead, show your date that you understand them and are genuinely interested. Compliment them on their personality, energy, intelligence, unique features or their sense of humour. “You are so funny, intelligent too!” or “I like your sense of style.”

Be descriptive and emotive in the moment. 

Unique compliments are a fundamental flirting tool for making your date feel good and will boost your charisma, chemistry, and connection.

Tip 2: Flirt  With your Eyes 

Eye contact is a powerful flirting tool proven to enhance feelings of attraction. Too much can be creepy; not enough translates to a lack of interest, but just the right amount and you can boost attraction instantly. So, what’s the trick?

To seduce your date, change your point of focus – the triangle technique is extremely effective. During your conversation, slowly avert your eyes from their left eye, down to their lips, up to the right eye, and return to the left eye. This eye contact will speak volumes about your interest, particularly if you catch them gazing at your lips too. 

Looking into their eyes and holding a gaze for longer than usual is an obvious way to flirt and show you’re attracted. However, ensure that your eyes and mouth are smiling too. Glance away every now and then to appear less intense. If you are sensing a mutual interest, break your gaze by glancing at various parts of their body.

Tip 3. How to Flirt Through Tough Touch

Small and soft touches that are super subtle are a great starting point to flirt. Naturally allow your foot to touch theirs ever-so-slightly or lightly touch knees together.

To flirt more obviously, use appropriate touch.

It’s important to sense the atmosphere before jumping right in. Start with gentle and friendly touch on either the shoulder, waist, or most effectively, the forearm.

Wait for reciprocation or invitational body language/verbal communication before leading into more direct touch. You want it to feel natural not forced.

When the sparks are flying then you can move on to more flirty and romantic gestures.

Tip 4. How To Flirt By Being Playful 

Being playful is an incredibly powerful way to create attraction, it allows you to calm your nerves and be yourself.  As an added bonus it also helps your date relax and also be more playful, this is where the magic happens. 

Playful teasing is a great way to keep the date light and fun but also show you’re interested.

Joke with a smile and laugh, keeping it light-hearted and cheeky. Use this playful opportunity to incorporate flirty touch.

What’s most important when it comes to being playful and flirting is your mindset, imagine you are with someone you are really comfortable with like a friend that takes the pressure off. Also, remember that you are trying to figure out if you are interested in them so when you know it’s a two-way street this also takes the pressure off. 

So be your best version, be free in your communication and focus on making the other person feel good regardless of the outcome!

Tip 5. Flirt through Conversation

When flirting, finding the right thing to say and the right time to say it can be tricky. The best way to do this is by listening.

Listening allows the other person to open up about themselves and gives you clues about what their interests and passions are.  Show your date other that you are listening intently and are interested in what they are saying by asking questions that bounce off their conversation.  

This will create a naturally flowing conversation and your genuine curiosity will increase their attraction to you. 

When you begin a conversation, ensure you speak with confidence. Rather than being factual, use emotive and descriptive language to express how you feel and describe your senses.  

Tell your date you’re looking forward to meeting them or seeing them, express yourself honestly and be light-hearted. 

Make sure you focus the conversation on positive things that are fun and exciting and insert the compliment in your conversation. You could go the next step further by interesting suggestive language that confuses the subconscious mind. Use words like wet, hard, slippery, and feels so good, I want to explode with excitement, drop the word love into your conversation to spice things up. 

eg. I’ve had such a long, hard day at work today…feels so good to be having a glass of wine. Thank you for being such good company” 

Say it with a smile, and have a laugh. Watch their facial expression. You’re seriously just being playful and keeping things light-hearted and clean.

Ultimately, the best way to flirt is to be yourself and take action and get out of your head and into your heart. Let your date know you’re interested, and be warm, kind, and inviting. Use these effective tips to enhance your natural flirting abilities and create irresistible attraction.

So if you found this article helpful, and would like to see exactly how these types of strategies could improve your sales on a consistent basis, go here. 

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