How to Find Love Using Apps If You Hate Online Dating

Do you hate online dating?

Does the thought of sifting through endless online dating profiles and responding to meaningless messages make your skin crawl?

Maybe you just do not have the time to go on random dates and don’t know who trust.

Rest assured I hear this all the time and it does not have to be this way!

Believe it or not regardless of your online dating experience so far you can find an incredible person and get off the sites fast and enjoy a beautiful relationship. I’ve seen transformations take place within days of making a few tweaks. So, sit back and take note!

Here’s how to find love using online dating apps, the fast, effective way.

  1. Have a Strategy Be Specific About Who You Would Like To Meet

Most people have no strategy when they online date. They simply register on a site, upload some photos and write a bio that is completely wrong and send out random likes and messages. This will lead to burnout. To be successful in online dating you need to be specific about the type of person you want to meet.

Get clear about what’s important to you, have at least 3 – 5 criteria that are essential and only message people that are specific to what you want. If you are specific about what you want then you will have more quality choices over quantity. This is crucial to your online dating success.

A great tool to determine the right person for you is my Four Types of men and women free download. You can get it here.

Four types of Men

Four Types of Women

  1. Get a Profile Makeover to Get Better Online Dating Matches.

Your online dating profile needs to represent you in the best possible light. Just like if you are selling a property you take nice photos, clean it, and have a summary of benefits that captivate a potential buyer. Your profile needs to be the same.


If your bio is too short you appear disinterested and lazy, and you could miss out on someone who is more of an intelligent detail’s person. If your profile is too long and written like a resume it can appear boring, unemotional and sabotage interest. It is important to get the length right with the right content.

Having an expert write a re-write your profile for you can make mountains of difference. One of my clients John, was a great catch. He was successful, intelligent, and presented well he would only get a few matches online. When I rewrote his profile and selected new photos he was inundated with amazing women and could barely keep up. A total transformation that happened within days.


  1. Activity Breeds Success and Action Eliminates Fear

When online dating the best thing, you can do is be proactive because it pays off! Spend 15 – 3o minutes a day sending out likes and responding to messages.  Don’t wait for the messages and likes to come to you go and get what you want!

When you are sending out messages make sure they are engaging. The best structure is to compliment someone in a profile followed by a question. If you have common ground or a similar passion it is the perfect place to start.

When sending out messages take away the worry of not getting a response. If you don’t get a response from a particular person, it is a great filter to know they are not right. The more you send out messages the better you will get at communicating and connecting and I can assure you just like if you were fishing for fish in the sea, you’ll get a great catch!

If you’d like some professional help with your online dating profile please get in touch we are happy to help, click here.

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