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How To Avoid The Friend Zone

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Do you constantly find yourself ending up in the ‘friend zone’? 

Are you tired of wasting your time and energy on a woman, only to be called her best friend? 

According to a study by Binghamton University, 75.2% of exclusively heterosexual males have experienced the friend zone.

You no longer have to be another statistic or another best friend anymore though. 

Imagine if you could finally score the woman of your dreams and have her reciprocate the love you feel. Keep reading to learn how to ditch the friendzone and conquer the endzone.  

The friend zone happens when a female views the relationship as completely platonic. Essentially, it is the worst form of rejection as from her perspective there is no romantic desire, no sexual chemistry, no real future; you’re simply a convenience – almost like the “brother” she never had. If you’ve been called this before these tips are definitely for you. 

Hot tips to avoid being friend-zoned:

  • Don’t be her Beck and Call. 

Women love mystery and chase. If you’re too submissive and readily available you’re heading straight for the friend zone. Create value in your time and leave her hanging for more so that she appreciates and craves you. Take a while to reply to her texts and don’t always text her first.  

  • Don’t be her BFF. 

If you find yourself stuck in conversations that sound similar to conversations she would have with her best friend- RUN. Listening is an important part of a relationship and you want your partner to feel as though they can be vulnerable and share things with you, of course. However, if she is frequently bringing up the past and venting about previous relationships, take it as a hint she’s not over them and certainly not romantically interested in you. 

  • Step into your Masculine Energy 

Take initiative. Women are naturally attracted to men in their masculine energy. Plan dates for her. Take her out. Essentially, don’t leave all the decisions up to her.  If you want to evoke more masculine energy use all your senses. Be observant, be passionate, and take control. 

  • Be Confident 

If your goal is the end zone and not the friend zone don’t fall into the trap of being the ‘nice guy’. You don’t need to be a pick-up artist or the ‘popular’ guy or the ‘bad boy’; You just need to be confident and authentic to build attraction and sexual chemistry.

As women evolve, the romantic partner they generally seek has values that align with fatherhood and marriage. Naturally, you possess these traits. You’re a good guy. You’re intelligent, kind, ambitious and ready to share your love with someone else. You don’t need to change yourself.

  • Keep it Light-Hearted and Playful

Use banter to elicit playful behaviour from your date. Bantering back and forth will make the date feel more relaxed, and fun and help create sexual tension. 

Women fall in love with their ears, not their eyes. Compliment your date on their personality, energy, intelligence, unique features or their sense of humour. “You are so funny, intelligent too!” or “I like your sense of style.” Be descriptive and emotive in the moment. 

Flirt through eye contact. Holding a gaze for longer than usual is an obvious way to flirt and show you’re attracted. However, ensure that your eyes and mouth are smiling too. Glance away every now and then to appear less intense. If you are sensing a mutual interest, break your gaze by glancing at various parts of their body.

To steer clear of the friend zone, flirt through playful touch around the waist or forearm. Wait for cues before leading into a more direct and suggestive or romantic touch. You want it to feel natural, not forced. 

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