How To Find Love Using Tinder and Online Dating.

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As a dating coach, I’ve helped thousands of men and women find love using online dating and dating apps. Online dating and dating apps such as Tinder give you ample opportunity to meet someone amazing to share your life with. On the other hand, if you don’t know the secrets to success you can be left with dating burn out!

Online Dating

That’s where I come in and give you a helping hand. Good news is that statistics are on your side with over 30% of modern marriages resulting from meeting someone online or via an app. It really comes down to having the right strategy.

Knowing who to look for and how to capture their attention and stand out from the crowd and avoid wasting time with people who are only into casual hook ups.

The Current Dating Trend

It seems that traditional dating is a thing of the past and the non-relationship is in. The casual hook up culture is growing and becoming more and more socially acceptable. But is it healthy?

The problem with the hook up culture might seem like playing it cool is the way to go. But sadly, it has long term consequences. Over time hooking up makes a person feel disposable causing self-worth and confidence levels plummet

Why Do People Play the Field?

 They might think it’s fun, easy and it’s a form of playing it safe by avoiding rejection and heart ache. But over time most people feel an emotional emptiness and not to mention the anxiety of increasing the risk increase risk of STI’s.

Sometimes people think meaningless hook-ups, minimise their fear of getting hurt emotionally. Not showing anyone vulnerability or feeling vulnerable the casual hook up seems like it is risk free and gives a person a sense of power.

There reality is no such thing as a meaningless hook up or preventing rejection because ultimately after a hook up has occurred there generally is an expectation of a follow up text or some form of contact. If this doesn’t happen then someone is left feeling rejected.

To dampen the feeling some people rush out and get back on Tinder and or online dating for the next person to fill the void. This pattern goes on and on and on until finally they hit a wall and experience the full loneliness and face the reality of not having someone that wants a genuine relationship.

It’s an awful feeling to feel like someone’s option as opposed to being a high value person.

Your solution is to not be a part of it and void the non-relationship people by following my simple steps to attract and find true love.

How to Find Love Using Tinder and Online Dating Apps. 

To find love online it is all about having the right strategy.

  1. The more you attract the more choices you have. A picture says a thousand words so be sure it is flattering. (No tigers, shirtless or cleavage shots). Wear something that is complimentary to your body, smile and interesting. Test a few different photos to see what works best for you. It’s best to avoid selfies instead use a more natural photo. Oh and only have photos of you, no friends included.
  2. Clear Intentions. If you want a serious relationship then say it. It will be the perfect filter for the time wasters and players and it will attract someone wanting the same things. Quality is better than quantity.
  3. Be Selective. I don’t mean look for the perfect set of abs, I mean someone who is kind, caring and loyal.  Someone with genuine intentions of a relationship, similar interests and values. If you learn about the 4 types of men or women you’ll learn how to match yourself with someone highly compatible with you and connect deeply with their heart.
  4. Don’t over date. If you date too many people you’ll go into overwhelm, you’ll feel exhausted and won’t know how to make a choice. Instead if you like someone go out with them 3 times before you cut the cord.
  5. Talk on the phone. Do the old-fashioned thing and speak to each other. You’d be surprised just how quickly you can fall in love with someone simply by conversing. You’ll learn a lot about each other without awkward silences when you meet face to face plus if they bring up the ‘sex’ talk then you know move on.
  6. Take a break from time to time. Just like with an exercise routine you need a rest day. Taking time out from dating helps you focus on you, and helps you define what it is you are looking for. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to seek out professional expert advice to help you get it right and we all know knowledge is power.
  7. Have fun! When you are having fun it is sexy, your positivity will be contagious and people will want more of you.

Online dating and tinder has many advantages as it can really fast track meeting someone, it is all about knowing how to catch the right catch for you.

If you would like help on creating a standout online dating profile or anything else you can get in touch with me click here

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