First Date Chemistry and Boosting Attraction

First Date Chemistry and Boosting Attraction

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Discover The Simple Steps To Creating First Date Chemistry And Boosting Attraction.

Think that being sexy and creating chemistry on your first date is all about physical looks?

Then Think again!

Here are six proven strategies and behaviours that increase your attractiveness to others. If you apply these steps you will create instant attraction because you will naturally make others feel really good around you and when you make people feel good they are subconsciously attracted to you.

Tip 1: To Create First Date Chemistry  Show Your Light Heartedness

Nothing is more attractive than light-heartedness. It’s considered very sexy and helps eliminate nerves fast allowing you to connect with your date!  So, open up your heart, and smile, give off a positive vibe. Keep your conversation light and flowing. Men crave light-heartedness. If you’re feeling nervous, let him know and have a laugh about it!

Tip 2: To Create First Date Chemistry Embrace Your Inner child.  

A youthful attitude is irresistible; internal energy has a huge impact on sex appeal more than physical looks.  If you are burnt out inside from the obligations of the world, work previous relationships and this has a very strong effect on how people will perceive you. People who let go of their past live in the moment and embrace their inner child, give off a fresh and positive vibe.
Let go of the past and relax about the future. Don’t let the worries of the world define you, don’t talk about your ex or your obligations. Instead, look at the opportunities and adventure ahead of you, talk about your dreams!

Tip 3: To Create First Date Chemistry Be A Team Player.

For the last 10 years as a relationship expert, the number one thing that both men and women desire is a team player, a best friend.  Men are looking for someone that supports his dreams.
Couples that work together on goals, have similar dreams and support each other have lasting relationships and as time goes on their love grows stronger and they grow together rather than apart.

Give your date positive reinforcement about what they share with you, it will help him feel safe to open up his heart.

Tip 4: To Create First Date Chemistry Present. 

With all the smartphones around it’s easier said than done.  When you focus your attention on the other person it is priceless and magnetic.
Men love a woman who is truly present, one that can switch off.   Men love to look into a woman’s eyes and see that she is with him right here and now, she isn’t zoning off thinking about a million thoughts about what she has to do next.

Presence is the greatest gift you can give anyone. Presence is highly desirable as you can respond in the moment. Presence also allows a person to be truly relaxed.

Tip 5: To Create First Date Chemistry Be Positive.

Do you remember your mum saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?” Well, this holds true when you’re trying to make an impression on your first date. By looking for the positive in things you’re naturally capturing and interesting. Men don’t want to be with a woman that nags about everything and likes shooting people down. So, even if you’ve had a bad day, let it go!

Being negative is exhausting. A positive person is sexy, people want to be around them, and it gives a person x-factor.

Tip 6: To Create First Date Chemistry be Honest.

Being honest a lot it goes along way. Honesty builds integrity and trust.

When a man gives his heart to a woman he hands over the reins to tremendous power. So he’s not about to do this if he thinks the woman is lying to him or not being herself, it makes him nervous, and he tends to withdraw because he is fearful of getting hurt. Makes sense right?  Honestly is an essential ingredient in a healthy happy relationship, so start on your first date. Be your authentic self, just remember to keep a bit of mystery.

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    I thought Greg has a lot to offer..I like the face to face meetings rather than online….thank you for showing the sunday program viewers (like me) that there are some great men around still.

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