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Dating Technology Has Changed Yet Men Still Want This!

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There is no doubt that technology has changed dating forever! It has never been easier to meet someone, just a swipe, a click and boom! You could have a number of dates under your belt. But with this transformation in modern dating it seems that men still want attractiveness and women love intelligence.

There is a famous quote that says, “A man Falls in love with his eyes, and a woman falls in love with her ears” – Woodrow Wyatt

I’ve found this to be true. Since 2005 I’ve been working with single men and women and this is a consistent pattern. If a man isn’t attracted to a woman initially it is pretty hard to get the connection to go away where, however if a woman isn’t attracted to a man on the first date but  if he makes her feel good  then there is a chance.

If she  goes out with him a couple more times this gives him the opportunity to relax, be himself and make her feel in his presence. When this happens this is when you noticed the little things she didn’t notice at first such as his eyes, sexy voice, style, his big strong muscles or his sense of humour.

Women need time to fall in love and  men it is more instant because it is predominately physical .  

It is primal instinct for a man to want a woman who he finds attractive due to reproduction.  He wants a woman with a good fertile body shape favouring the hourglass. Have you seen the extremes celebrities will go to make themselves look more hourglass, look at Kim Kardashian she is a prime example.

Men love women with a soft feminie voice, it draws him as he wants to be her protector and provider, it makes him feel like a strong and masculine.

Men love women who wear light makeup that enhances their skin, and accentuates their eyes making them appear larger, they aren’t too concerned with big glossy lips.

Women love intelligence because they are genetically programmed to find intelligence attractive.  In the primal times the more intelligent the man the highly the greater chance he will survive therefore she will survive. Today there is a direct link between intelligence and social status. A man with a good solid social status will technically be a good provider.  Women love to learn from their man, it is considered highly attractive.

So even though times have changed, dating has evolved the primal instinct is here to stay.


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