Dating Coach in Melbourne Explains 8 Dating Lessons That We Can Learn From Our Beloved Dogs

Dogs are highly intelligent animals that are capable of creating strong affectionate bonds with human beings. This is a major reason why they’re one of the most popular pets. What’s awesome is that we can actually pick up dating lessons from the emotional intelligence shown by dogs. Read in this article six traits of dogs that can help you in your dating experience.



It’s true that two persons are not yet officially a couple during the dating stage.

There may even be a mutual agreement where each one is open to date with other people. 

But it speaks volume when you choose to exclusively date one person. It sends the message that you’re committed to taking your relationship to the next level. This loyalty towards their owner is a defining trait of dogs that makes them so loveable.

When you choose loyalty over casual dating, the other person would be more likely to invest time, energy, and affection towards you. 


Fewer animals exude positive energy more than dogs. They clearly express joy to their owner by wearing a big smile, jumping up and down, barking, and wagging their tail. 

No matter how tired people are from work, pet dogs always greet with enthusiasm. This infectious energy that dogs demonstrate is one thing that should be emulated by humans.

So even if you’re not naturally an extrovert, it won’t be harmful if you show your date that you enjoy his/her company every time you meet up. 

Smile and talk with enthusiasm!



Your pet dog often brings home various kinds of gifts at your doorstep. It’s usually a heap of odd materials including wood, old dolls, slippers, shoes, and garments but your dog considers these as treasure for you! 

As the saying goes: It’s the thought that counts! LOL!

Moral of the story? You don’t have to bring your date to a super expensive restaurant and give pricey gifts. Focus on things which he/she will remember, enjoy, and put value on. 

Giving a box of chocolates with a sweet letter to match is better than treating your date to a super expensive restaurant with bland dishes. 



Dogs respect the fact that there’s a right time for everything. They wait for you to walk them. They wait for you to come home after work. They wait for you to give them their food. 

Humans, many times, want instant gratification. But in the dating realm, you can’t rush on things. 

If you want your dating experience to be meaningful, you have to enjoy every bit of the process. It’s not a “wham-bam” kind of thing. 

If you feel serious about the person you’re dating, give enough for him/her to give definite answers. There’s nothing worse than decisions borne out of pressure. 



Dogs are protective but not overly-limiting or suffocating. They allow you to interact with other people and other dogs but are ready to shield you when they sense you’re in danger. 

So when you’re just in the dating stage, don’t be a control freak! Just enjoy each other’s company, set some reasonable rules if you’re getting serious with each other. 

But don’t end up mouthing at your potential significant other’s habits that are annoying to you or his/her friends that you can’t get along with. 

A big part of a successful relationship  is knowing when to step back and accept things about your partner that you don’t agree with. As long as those things are not leading to dysfunction, then just let your dating partner be. 



When you leave your pet dog in your car or tie it to a post because you need to buy something, they send clear signals if they’re ok or distressed. 

Either way, they are clear on their emotions and this helps avoid miscommunication. 

The dating lesson we can take from this dog trait is that it’s best to be clear about your intentions so that expectations can be managed by you and your date. 

Sending clear signals is a healthy approach to take in all aspects of the dating stage down to the official announcement of being a couple. 

Being on the same page can only lead to desirable outcomes. 



One thing fascinating about dogs is their adaptability. They are quick to adapt to any environment and willing to be trained, and  change for the better. 

If you’re the person who hasn’t had much success with dating, ask yourself if you’ve been willing to change your approach, study useful skills, and invest in self-improvement. 

If you’ve had previous dates who bailed out but became good friends with you, there’s nothing wrong with asking them why they struck out. 

Using key information from them, work on what you can enhance with yourself that will allow you to confidently get into dating once again – no matter what type of person you will encounter.



The only time when dogs are not excited to go out is when they’re sick. Most of the time, they’re up for anything. 

This upbeat character of dogs is definitely a good thing that humans should emulate when it comes to dating. 

You shouldn’t put up strict boundaries as to the type of person you want to date because you will end up limiting yourself to potential meaningful experiences. 

Sure, you should have some general ideas of who you want to date like someone with a decent character and a stable job but don’t be hesitant to meet with other persons outside your circle or comfort zone. 

Remember that new conversations with curious-looking persons can have interesting results. 



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