How To Date In The Dauting Time of The Coronavirus Epidemic?

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Events have been cancelled, large social gatherings wiped, and social distancing is a part of the norm, but what does that mean for dating?

Should you put your life on hold or can you make the most of this situation and still meet someone amazing?

For those of you who are motivated and want to make things happen, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

You just have to think outside the square…

If you have personal goals of falling in love, settling down maybe even having a family in you can still accomplish your goals. You just need to date a little differently.

Now more than ever it’s time to embrace the world we live in and make the most of this amazing technology we have at right at our fingertips!

You can still enjoy romance, connect with new people virtually. There are many benefits of virtual dating, think about the time you save travelling to and from venues, the money you save on eating out at the restaurant, your chances of being catfished are significantly reduced and things can progress quicker in terms of getting to know someone and keeping it real.  

Plus, it builds chemistry with the anticipation!

Can you imagine how amazing it will feel when you finally meet in person, the anticipation will help drive chemistry and you will get to enjoy the pleasure of getting out together and meeting in the flesh.

Think about the story you can tell of how you got together. So if World leaders are running countries via video conference, surely you can get on a date.  


Get creative on dates while you Quarantine together.

  1. Have a first date via facetime, zoom, skype, text, or on the phone. Make sure that your place is tidy, light a few candles, you can even share a glass of wine.
  2. Watch a movie virtually. Pick something uplifting during these times, when your date experiences positive feeling around you when they are away from you, they will want to see more of you because they will want to have more of the endorphins.  
  3. Cook a virtual meal together, eat together, play master chef, have fun indoors together the playfulness can really bring you closer and ignite chemistry. Make sure you have some good background music playing to keep the mood.
  4. Send voice messages to hear each other’s voices. You might think it’s so retro to hear a person’s voice but the sound of someone’s voice can be really sexy and build connection.
  5. Send your date short, cute, fun messages as voice messages to tickle their senses.
  6.  Build a connection with sharing vulnerabilities, you don’t want to keep too much focus on the virus – but it can be good to share your stresses and lift each other up. Knowing that it too shall pass.
  7. What’s most important is that you look after yourself. Reach out to your friends, family and support network it’s important for your mental health to stay positive and reach out. Looking after your mental health will help you be the best version of you and that is super attractive in dating.
  8. Lastly use this time to learn and break any patterns. Invest in you with some coaching, books, courses webinars, to help solve your dating dilemmas. There is no time like the present to reset, refresh and put strategies into place to meet someone amazing.

One day if the connection is right, you’ll meet each other and wow won’t things be super exciting!!

If you’d like some extra help and support, feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you. For a free session click here

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