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Having the best virtual date experience can be the difference between attracting or repelling your love interest!

We certainly are in living in unusual times, social distancing, isolation, what is a girl or guy to do to get a date around here?
Well, you could do a few things, sit back, and wait for this thing to be over.

But that there is another option!

Where you don’t have to miss any opportunities!

Just like the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons make some lemonade!!” it goes something that I’m sure.
Let technology be your friend! We are so lucky to have it available at our fingertips, we can virtual date via skype, facetime, zoom, call, text, online date even the apps are and Facebook are making it possible to chat via video. How cool is that??
If you want to have a virtual date, you’re probably wondering

What do I do, what do I talk about, how do I act, what if I feel shy or embarrassed?

Don’t worry everyone is in the same boat.

Good old virtual date is now a big thing! And you know what my prediction is after this COVID-19 is over, I think it will be here to stay so it’s important to brush up to stay ahead and get great results.

A virtual date only way you can meet someone in these uncertain times and I predict that even when things are back to normal I think more and more people will virtual date to break the ice. The good news is now more than ever there are more people online, more people are looking for a genuine relationship, the conversations are more real, the connections are truer so you’re

I’m about to share a few tips with you to have the best virtual date so good that you’ll want more!

Best Virtual Date Tip #1 Lights Camera Action!

Yes, lighting is going to be your friend or enemy. The difference it can make to how someone sees you is surprising. Make sure you call a friend or family member so that you can test out the different effects of lights in each room and time of day. I recommend getting a beauty light if you don’t have one, you can order them online. If not get a super bright light from any retailer or if you’re calling is during the day make sure you use the natural light. Test the light coming from Infront, behind and to the side, and see what brings out your best features.

Best Virtual Date Tip #2 Set The Scene!

Make sure you have a neat and organised area in the background. If your date is anything like me, I’m looking for what’s behind you just to get extra clues, if there is dirty laundry or lots of clutter is a bit turn off. Keep things to a minimum, maybe have a candle going as it’s suggestive that you have a romantic side. Everybody loves candles.

Best Virtual Date Tip #3 Music To My Ears!

Music To My Ears! A simple yet subtle way to entice your date is by having soft background music playing, ideally something upbeat and chilled like Ministry of sound, café del mar, even some sexy French music. It is important to ignite the senses since you can’t touch, so their senses will be in overdrive.

Best Virtual Date Tip #4 Dress To Impress!

Yes, take off your tracky dacks and PJ’s it’s time to dress to impress. Make it look casual while you’ve really made an effort. Ladies, blow-dry the hair and wear a beautiful feminine top or dress or a colour that pops your best features. If you want to keep it super simple a fitted white T is always a winner. Guys, a good T-shirt, button-up shirt will do the trick. Make sure you’re hair is styled.

Best Virtual Date Tip #5 Ask Engaging Questions

Rather than talk about the lockdown and the old, “How’s your day?” Ask about their hobbies, interests, favourite holiday destinations, favourite memories, most embarrassing moments. You can even get a little cheeky and ask, “Tell me about your first kiss”, seriously, that question is always a winner, it brings out a laugh and lightens up the scene. You could go further and ask, “If you were a movie star who would you be?”. The key to engaging questions is to inspire feel-good emotions and memories,  a real winner I promise!

Best Virtual Date Tip #6  Watch Your Time And End On A High!

Just as though you were to meet face to face you would sit around all night dragging the date out until dawn you want to end your virtual date on a high and leaving them wanting more of you. Limit your date-time, a good time to end it is when you notice the awkward moments kick in or when you run out of things to say, smile, be playful and say bye-bye, til next time… then you could send a cheeky text telling them how much fun you had and give a compliment that feels so good when they read it.

The secret to getting a second date and beyond is to make someone feel good.

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