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How to Attract The Right Man And Get Commitment in the Next 12 Months

Date Coaching for Men with Dating and Relationship Expert Samantha Jayne.

 Accelerate Your Success with Women.


Gain Confidence, Transform Your Life and Meet and Date the Kind Of Women You’ve Always Wanted

  • Trigger Instant Attraction in a Woman
  • Be confident when approaching beautiful women
  • Rejection Proof yourself and Transform your life!

Let’s break the pattern together, with my specialised Date Coaching for Men.

Do you want to learn a new effective dating strategy instantly boosts your confidence and gives you the results you want?

Do you want to be charismatic and charming that will naturally attract women and have women wanting more of you?

Are you ready to transform your result with women and stop watching the other bad boys get all the results with women?

Well you can with my coaching program.

My program is a specialised date coaching for men, will give you incredible results with women.

I’m here especially for you.

I’ve literally coached thousands of men.  I’m here to help put a STOP to your dating frustrations and show you what it is that women really want in a man.

Learn The Secrets with Me.

I know great, perceptive guys like you, really have a lot to offer.

You’re intelligent, ambitious, sure you’re a little on the quieter side you’re your tired of being unfairly pushed to the side by aggressive alpha males.

More women should notice you; after all you’re the man with many hidden talents, the loyal man that provides her with stability.

Well, I have great news for you. The tables are turning!

Good guys are in and considered hot property.

I’m about to show you some of the biggest secrets alpha men have been using with women for years, only I know you’ll put these secrets to good use.

My date coaching for men techniques are very powerful and to be used only by men with genuine intentions with women. It’s in the CODE.

The Difference between working with me and the other programs out there is I have proven experience and credibility.

Back in 2005, I founded Australia’s largest matchmaking agency which means I have insight inside the female mind that most date coaches will NEVER get! I am internally accredited coach and NLP practitioner.

Which makes me highly sought after by the media for my expertise and clients around the globe.

What you will gain from the BEST Men’s Date Coaching Program Available:


  • Eliminate the fears that are holding you back from success with women.
  • Build powerful confidence, that women can’t resist.
    • Use body language to attract beautiful women, after all body language is 55% of communication.
    • How to get yourself back on track if you feel like you’re starting to act needy and desperate around women or if you start to feel down in the dumps.
    • Avoid Making excuses continuously, as to why you don’t pursue a woman.
    • The signs to look for to know if she is interested and how to take action.


    • You’ll learn how to Stop making the apparent mistakes over and over.
    • Build Self-Confidence, Become Assertive and get the woman you want.
    • Discover the secret getting her attention quickly and what to do to take it to the next step.
    • Be the guy that wins with women.
    • The difference between confidence vs arrogance and what you need to know.
    • The POWERFUL Strategy of the Push Pull Technique.
    • How to make a great first impression with a woman (This is critical… there are no second chances)


    • What to talk about, that sparks her interest other than work and sport which is what most men are comfortable talking about.
    • Never have another boring conversation again about “that night out with a girl”.
    • What to do if the conversation goes dead, I’ll show you the secrets to pick it up again
    • How do I build a semi flirty relationship over text
    • You’ll learn the ultimate secrets to communication: when to text, what to say, what to talk.
    • Style for success, the ultimate wardrobe women drool over, what ‘s hot and what’s not.
    • The power of smell. I’ll share with you scents that women find irresistible so you can trigger attraction. Smell is a huge aphrodisiac in women.
    • How to meet elegant women without having to buy them drinks all night to get attention.

    We Work Together.

    6-month program includes:

    • Fortnightly one on one coaching and mentoring in person, skype or phone.
    • We cover all the above topics and more.
    • Styling session face to face: We revamp your image.
      • George Clooney style, hair, brows.
      • Take a visit to David Jones, Myer and try on different looks.
      • I’ll show you the fragrances that women adore and find irresistible.
    • 12 months email and phone support


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