4 Little Know Secrets To Attracting Men – Advice from Dating Coach

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Samantha Jayne,  Relationship Expert and Dating Coach Reveals The Secret’s To Attracting men Effortlessly.

Would you like to be the woman that attracts men without even trying?

You know the one. When she walks into the room she turns heads. She attracts the BEST men and she doesn’t even have model looks.

Men adore her and find her irresistible!

Well, you can be that girl too!

Let me show you how!

I’m about to share with you the top secrets to attracting men. Making these small simple shifts can help you to be irresistible and highly alluring to any man.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Dating Coach Secret # 1 Be Your Most Beautiful Self.

It’s no secret men are visual creatures. Luckily beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes. Thank goodness we don’t have to be cookie cutter Ai’s. When it comes to beauty all men universally love a woman who takes care of herself.  Highlight your most striking features to grab his attention. Is it your nice hair, eyes, lips or your captivating smile? Enhance your look with natural make up and good skin care.

Men love good skin. It is an indictor or good health, genes and a healthy diet. So go out and invest in some great skincare. It’s a win-win because not only will you feel good about you he will adore you too!

Show off your beautiful curves. Now I don’t mean squeeze into a tight dress and have your breasts spilling out of a top. This is a no no because it subconsciously screams desperation. Instead keep it subtle he can see your curves without all the extra skin. It’s the mystery there that will keep him interested.

Dating Coach Secret # 2 Men Are Attracted to Confidence.

Confidence is universally considered attractive by both men and women. Confident women are passionate, intriguing, enticing, engaging and they have healthy boundaries. Confident are comfortable in their own skin and dare to be different.  They love being unique because it makes them special and it creates a memorable impression.

Confidence also creates a sexual magnetism and draws men to you like a magnet.   If you’re not feeling confident right now, that’s ok. Confidence is like a muscle is can be built. I transformed from being a super shy girl who would frequently blush and hide in the background to being confident and comfortable enough to appear on TV, radio and online interviews and speaking engagements.  I wasn’t born that way so it didn’t come easily. I just learnt how to overcome my fears and believe in myself.  I’ve helped thousands of women globally with my programs and private coaching to gain confidence, feel good and as a result attract more men. You can do this too!

Dating Coach Secret # 3 Make Him Feel Good.

This is very powerful because if a man feels good around you he will be subconsciously drawn to you. He won’t be able to resist you, and he won’t know why.

When you speak to a man for the first time maybe you’re at an event tell him, “Its nice to meet you, I was hoping to meet interesting connections tonight”.  Not only does that show him your confident it makes him feel good and you’ve just complimented him by telling him he is interesting without being too forward. When talking to him be curious, ask him questions and seduce him with confident body language.

If your man does something nice for you show him appreciation. Men secretly want to be our hero’s so make him feel like he is yours. If he feels good around you he will be more attracted to you and in return, he will feel safe enough to open up to you and connect with on an emotional level. The emotional level is the key to falling in love and staying in love beyond physical looks.

 Dating Coach Secret # 4 Feminine Energy.

Attract a man with your irresistible feminine energy. Never underestimate the power of attracting a man with your feminine energy. Interestingly a lot of women shy away from being feminine because they mistake it as weak when in fact it is considered very attractive to men.  Men love women who are feminine because it is his polar opposite, if you want a man to be attracted to you must create the polarity, this attraction is primal, he can’t control it. Men crave feminine energy because in these modern times more and more women are embracing their masculinity. This is why relationships are struggling. I call it the gender confusion.

I admit. I’ve previously been guilty. Strong, driven and determined at work ready to take on the world that I lost my femininity. I became bossy in my relationships and when didn’t get the commitment or what I wanted I pulled out the old ultimatum.  I became reactive and aggressive and my energy was like one of the boys. It backfired!

No matter how much I tried to look like a feminine woman my energy was masculine and this was causing me a lot of pain in my relationships with men.

When it truly learnt to embrace my feminine energy men flooded towards me, they wanted commitment, they wanted to take care of me and they would move mountains. I experienced a total transformation and LOVED it!

Sounds pretty good huh ? So when you’re at work it OK to be your strong alpha self, but when you’re looking for love to attract the man you want and have the relationship you MUST learn how to tap into your feminine powers.

So there you have it. The little know secret’s to attracting men effortlessly.

If you are the best version of you, make him feel good, be confident and tap into your feminine energy you can have the man you want!

Signing off,

Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne Sydney Dating Coach

Relationship Expert and  Dating Coach

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