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The Power to Create The Life you want!

"Sometimes We Have to Give Ourselves A New Start.
Our Past Doesn't Equal Our Future"

I’m really excited about this NEW Confidence Project!

It is designed to help you be your most authentic self, your best version…. you know the best part about that. When you are your best! Guess what?

You attract the best! Things fall into place in your relationship, work, and personal life. You kick goals! 

Can you imagine how good it would feel too totally back yourself? To raise your standards, have a voice, and eliminate the fear of rejection or anxiety. 

You Can! 

This is my mission to help as many people as I can.  This Confidence Workshop is the first step in getting what you want. 

Why?  Because the Confidence Workshop will help you in unblocking past negative experiences and change them to be aligned with what you want to attract. In doing this you can transform your life from non-existent or routine to exhilarating. 

Self-confidence is THE MOST important factor when it comes to… living the life you want and achieving your dreams personally and professionally and having a healthy loving relationship.

The Confidence Project is about wiping the slate clean. It means.

  • New beginnings and action
  • Being aware of the relationship patterns of your past and their emotions
  • A simple plan and commitment to yourself
  • Get you ready to take the next step to find love.

    If you struggle with confidence, it is the root cause of every issue in your life.  


If you sometimes feel lost, lack direction, feel like you don’t have a voice, fear failure, worry about rejection, getting hurt, struggle with setting boundaries, then you need help with confidence.  Maybe your dates don’t go past the first couple, or your messages don’t convert to face to face meetings. Maybe you keep attracting toxic relationships that go nowhere or you end up in relationships that leave you feeling totally unhappy then, you may need to raise your self-confidence.

Raising your self-confidence will raise your standards. I am a big believer in having high standards. The one questions you MUST ask yourself is “Is this thing or person making my life better?”

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

So, rather than repeating the same old pattern and achieving the results you have achieved so far, the Confidence Project is here to help you transform

Imagine this. You are exactly where you need to be right here, and now. 

Hi, I’m Samantha Jayne, a global dating and relationship expert and renowned matchmaker for singles who want to attract the right person. 

I’m regularly interviewed by the media for my one-of-a-kind dating advice that gives you insight that you will never see anywhere else. And I’m about to show you the secret to success  strategy to dating smart and finding love, so that you can have it all! 

Forget the frustration and stress. I’ve helped thousands of men and women achieve their relationship goals they have been longing for. 

And when you discover that the only way to get commitment is to commit to yourself you will stop asking questions and start answering them with action.

You want love, that’s the way it’s always been and will be. 

So why can’t you? I say you can! 

Here's what we will cover

  • Discover how to transition from anxiety and fear to regain your confidence and be self-assured
  • Incorporate new habits for quickly and easily releasing negative self-sabotaging behaviours
  • We will define your vision, and create a plan for action you can implement immediately
  • Break the cycle of negative relationship patterns
  • Discover the role of emotional intelligence in forming healthy relationships
  • Learn how to make sense of why you have difficult people in relationships
  • Understand how past hurt affects your brain, body and health
  • Simple ways to restore balance in all areas of your life
  • And so much more!

how will this help me find love?

We want everyone who joins our program to be ready for love with a clean slate feeling totally confident. By starting with the Confidence Workshop, you can sure the rest will come quickly and easily.  This is your fast track to love. We will fast track you on your road to love as we eliminate past negative patterns and install new ones conductive to finding love. 

You may be wondering whether this could actually work for you.
you may be curious to know how you can have all this too and if this is the right place to find it?

the ultimate confidence workshop


We look at where you are now, where you want to be and the blockages that are holding you back. 

We define your vision and create a plan of action you can implement immediately. 

You will learn: 

  • Why you attract the relationships you have had (the drama and the stress)
  • How to break the cycle of negative thoughts and self-sabotage
  • Heal from the past, whether it’s unhealthy relationships or a toxic person
  • Eliminate fear of rejection, triggers, and negative self-talk
  • Break the pattern of dates and relationships that go nowhere
  • Raise your standards, and attract a higher quality compatible partner
  • Feel totally confident and happy within
  • Discover how to communicate to create attraction and a deep connection all by being your true authentic self.
  • Soo much more! 


Here we explore what you believe is to be true about the world. Beliefs are feelings of certainty about what something means. We all have thousands of beliefs that we perhaps aren’t even aware of. Some of these beliefs support us in our journey creating out ideal life; others hold us back and even sabotage us. In this belief audit we take the time to write down what you feel is true about the world. 



This worksheet will help you identify were you power of choice lies. What influences the thoughts you think about on regular basis? What stories do you tell yourself about your potential to find love? By tracing your thoughts and feelings you’ll become aware of the energy you’re bringing into your relationship or the seeds you sow out into the world when finding love?


Why is a mentor such an important component of this program?
  1. Having A Mentor Makes You More Accountable. 
    This is one of the biggest things that can help you. You all of a sudden you become more accountable to follow through on whatever you’re procrastinating on or stopping yourself from doing. 
  2.  Having a mentor Saves You Time and Gets You Faster Results. 
    Time is the most scarce resource that exists. You can always make more money, but you can’t get more time. yet, when we attempt to do things on our own, we’re taking the long route and wasting that time away. 
  3. Having A Mentor Saves your Money. 
    A mentor, will tell you exactly what needs to bone and listens. it is as simple as that. you get ideas you may never have thought of before and can help you BELIEVE that you can do it. As a result, you end up making up much more in time and value and short cuts that save you a lot of wasted money in the long run. 
  4. Having A Mentor Gives You Insights Into Yourself. 
    One of the most valuable things are the lessons and insights you get about yourself. You’re always getting feedback and discovering more about yourself in the process.


Your level of success in relationships all depends on how much uncertainty you can handle. How much time and effort do you put into eliminating uncertainty? How much of your thoughts turn to control? How often do you feel threatened or afraid or unwilling to learn?

Here we identify what fear may be holding you back as we commit to the healing process. You may say that you have no fear, and, on the surface, it is often true.

Often though, fear is under the surface and not easily spotted springing up on us unaware, Fear of not being loved, fear of not being enough or fear of failure are fears we all have, some are more evident than others. If you do want things to get better, you need to jump in with both feet.

You’ll learn:

  • How fear manifests in your relationships
  • How to release fearful thoughts rather than letting them dictate how you view the world
  • The 7 steps to releasing your fear and how to do this quickly and painlessly
  • how to lead the dance with Fear and Win.

This is a surefire way to get you out of the ‘uncomfort zone’. The quality of your life will increase the more you are willing to explore the unknown. 


We all have significant emotional events in our past that have shaped who we have become and the choices we make. If it’s important to you, then it’s important.  Some of our defining moments can be positive and influence our choices in ways that empower us. Some events are going to be clearly negative.  However, the meaning we give these events is entirely up to us. How can we understand what motivates our choices unless we understand what created those choices in the first place? 

Whilst this exercise may take some extra thought, it is worth it because this is where your transformation begins.  


You’ll be more successful at building your appreciation muscle if you have a specific plan for how to engage it. 

The Power of Appreciation will open your eyes to the rewards of letting go of past hurts and wiping the slate clean. Our 7 Step approach to developing an appreciative mindset, will give you simple techniques for living a happier life. 

You will learn: 

  • The 7 key daily practices to living in gratitude including unique Gratitude and Mindfulness exercises. 
  • What your biggest goal is, and exactly how you can bring it into being a reality.
  • A Manifestation Meditation to get your relationship dreams off the ground and into your life. 


Seize the power of Gratitude and change your life by using its power. 

Our 7 day, ” I am” cleanse plan includes one whole week of pure, clean gratitude that will renew your vitality. Every day a fresh cleanse is available for you to start your day with or finish it at night. This plan will allow you to be even more thankful, about people, places and activities you enjoy, that will lift your spirit and makes you feel better. 

The positive energy from practicing being grateful, thankful and appreciation can be a powerful healing element in creating a clean slate and new beginnings. 


I’m going to lead you through a process of determining how close or far away from a Clean Slate using my Love Alignment Map. 

This will help you reveal areas that you might not even have realised were off track and show you how to start reducing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  

Building a picture of your relationship and how you would like it to be, what you would be doing, what you would feel, who you would be, your attributes, what you would own, how you would contribute and how you would spend your leisure time, is one of the most valuable things you can do.  

You will learn: 

  • That your habits and emotional patterns are not a done deal – your brain is highly malleable due to what is known as neuroplasticity. 
  • How to recognise the 5 energetic patterns in your love relationship through your VALUES AUDIT.
  • A powerful strategy that will help you acknowledge and then realise deep held disempowerment beliefs, and an amazing method to shift out of them. 
  • Some of the most powerful questions you will ever ask yourself. The answers may surprise you and energise you. 


Using this Values and Beliefs Audit. 

We will explore what your values need to be in order for you to create your ideal life. Whenever anyone does this exercise, they are amazing at the transformation their values go through, and then how it impacts their life. 


Research suggests that we have around 65,000 thoughts each day. Most of these thoughts are in the form of questions. Is this right for me? How do I do this? What if I can’t? Why me?

If you have a patten of asking yourself poor quality questions it’s time to commit to a new pattern We can’t stop the questions, but we can choose new empowering questions to ask. 


NOW THAT MEANS having a voice. Being in the positive to ask for what you want in a way that is win-win without the fear of rejection. It’s about earning other people’s respect, increasing self-esteem, reducing anxiety and stress, finding win-win solutions, and managing life better.

It’s important to be assertive, it is part of healthy communication because if you are not, it can cause you to be the door mat and cause repulsion. When you become assertive it instantly affects your confidence and gives you incredible changes in your life.

Action plan

Without a proper action plan, it’s just daydreaming, to make real things happen you need to put in the work to get the result. We look at the end game, your objective, tasks, schedule, success criteria, and time frame. All relevant factors to get you a result. One of my favourite sayings is, “Activity breeds success because action eliminates Fear!”

A good action plan is the fastest way to boost confidence and get results.

Can you imagine how powerful it will feel when you have positive beliefs, combined with assertiveness and a good action plan. Look out!


Imagine how that could change your life…

If you stayed focused and disciplined, you might just attract the relationship you want!

All while having fun…

Feeling more confident and watching other areas of your life flourish.

You could feel stress-free and spend time with your perfect partner who loves you and have a plan for your future.

You could have the life you always wanted on a whole other level…


I’ve got something called The Confidence Project that is limited to just 25 people.

Yes, 25.

Our entire focus is on finding your ONE THING, perfecting it, and implementing it.

Once that’s done, we find the next ONE THING and implement that.  We’ll accomplish this by my live workshop giving you my secret formula to instant confidence, workbooks, Q & A – and by giving you access to my entire range of programs.

If accepted, I can absolutely guarantee you’ll be thrilled because I’ve done this before – repeatedly.

This program is by invitation only and I’ll give you a link to request an invite at the bottom of this letter.


Since this is limited to just 25 people, I’ve created an application process to filter out any one not serious or flakey.


  1. You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom of this letter. After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally.
  2. If I think we *might* be a good fit, we will reach out to you and schedule a quick 15-minute call so we can answer your questions (and ask you a few more as well).
  3. Then if you’re still a good fit then we will schedule another call to really set up a plan to help your own Confidence Plan.
  4. If I think we’re a good match, I’ll invite you to participate.


This opportunity is extremely limited because…

There are only 25 total slots in The Confidence Workshop.

And I’ve sent this letter to my entire database. As of today, there are just FIVE slots left. And this is the FINAL GROUP for 2022.

So, with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Apply Now” link below and fill out an application before the remaining spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.

I remember back in 2015 I made the decision to trust, that everything was going to work out. I remember thinking. It’s now or never. Now is the time for me to make it happen and embrace every opportunity.

So, I did, you can too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Samantha Jayne

P.S. You’re probably wondering a few things.

First, you might be thinking, “Hey – if he’s only taking 25 people, this has GOT to be expensive.”

Thousands, right? It’s not, even half of that. 

Thing is, Confidence is something I’m incredibly passionate about because I know how much of a difference, I can make to you. I know there is only one of me and I know that not everyone can access my help.

I have a calling. A gift and knowledge that is so powerful that I need to share. It’s me giving back and I love doing that!

So that’s why I created The Confidence Project Workshop Because I LOVE doing it. (Also – most clients find success and tell all their friends and I have a personal mission of creating a new movement)

So – if you want in, APPLY HERE ASAP. The spots will definitely fill up fast.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you find your true confidence 🙂