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Angie, Executive - Engaged within 6 months! Designation

A big thank you for the journey! My life has transformed. I truly don't think I would be in my relationship right now without your coaching. The engagement was a surprise considering it is less than 6 months, all my relationships have changes for the positive because of making myself a priority with your sessions.

Olivia, Lawyer - Married within 12 months! Designation

The Husband Project was one of the best investments I have ever made! I started the program mid-September and within 2 months I secured a relationship with a handsome, caring, successful man. Everything Samantha outlined in her program happened, "the man making the effort" to asking ME to be in a committed relationship. (Previously I attracted non-committal men). Within 6 months we were engaged, by 12 months we bought a home and shortly after we married. We are now trying for a baby. Exciting time! I highly recommend following the steps, take the time to understand each module and your beautiful self and it will happen! Forever grateful

Jane, Teacher - Broke my habit of avoidant men Designation

I'm so happy and in love! I broke my habit of avoidant men. Following The Husband Project strategies allowed me to raise my standards, feel confident and for the first time in my life not put my eggs in one basket! I was the one that chose the man instead of being the one that waited around. I feel so empowered! I can't believe how fast it happened, literally one of the four men you helped me with in the find in the first few weeks is me now by boyfriend! Prior to that I was single for 7 years!