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It’s finally happened! My dream of launching my very own personal website to help single men and women around the world find love and keep it is here!

For those of you who know me you, understand my passion, my purpose in life is to bring love into as many peoples lives as humanly possible.

In my close circle and niche I’m know as, “The Empress Of Empowerment and Giver Of Freedom”.

I welcome you to join my blog, subscribe to my free programs and me any questions you have that relate to love, romance, dating and relationships.

Since 2005, I’ve been a professioal matchmaker, back then I launched Blue Label Life, an excecutive matchmaking service for busy professionals looking for long term love. Over the years, I’ve matched thousands of couples, there have been several marriages, Blue Label Life babies have been born and I have helped transform peoples lives both one on one and the masses.

This website is dedicated to those of you who want to live life to the full, be a complete circled.

I’m going to share with you many secrets of attraction, dating tips, things you need to know to have a happy fulfilling relationship and many many more. My tips are very different to anything you’ll find in magazines, the newspapers, online, TV or the radio. I’ve applied science to love.

I’ve studied human behaviour extensively, worked closed with Dr Glen Wilson leading relationship psychologist with his compatibility quotent. Liased with love guru anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher in New York, if you haven’t her work it’s a must. She is my idol and inspiration. I love that lady!

I applied the science of personality profiling, using extended disc to help you discover what your dominant personality trait is and who you should be dating.

I help you use NLP for good, helping you re-create your story, gain confidence and put the past relationship patterns and pain behind you. I’m an expert in this field, I understand I’ve been there too. I remember in my darkest moments saying, “This too shall pass”. Believe it does and when the sun shines is shines so brightly and is radiant.

There are so many bonuses that I will be sharing with you as we embark on this journey together.

If your single this is the perfect place for you to find love as I share with you my DIY approaches and the best techniques to find love.

If you are in a relationship this is the perfect place for you to ignite passion back into your relationship and create a relationship that leave others saying, “I want what they are having”.

It can happen! I really can! I’m living proof that you too can have an amazing relationship no matter what your background, past experience or beliefs.

I’m here for you. I will help you make that transformation.

Believe and you can achieve.

Hope your enjoying this beautiful long weekend.

I’m off to the beach!

Til next time.

Samantha Jayne xx

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