Do you think you need to win the genetic lottery to inspire someone to fall in love?

Maybe you think it is about material possessions and all the shiny objects that you do not have.  Or maybe you think that unless there is a spark in the first few minutes, then there is just no chance of falling in love?

If you answered yes to those questions, then I am about to reveal a unique secret that can skyrocket your success with your love interest.

If you genuinely want to inspire someone to fall in love you, it’s all about how you make them feel. Of course, there is needs to be a physical attraction but to take things to the next level and keep them interested it comes down to an emotional connection.

If someone feels good around you, they will want to spend more time with you and the more time they spend you, the more opportunity you will have to deepen the connection and ultimately fall in love.

Here are six secret strategies you can implement to inspire someone to fall in love.

#1 To Influence Someone To Fall In Love, Say Their Name

According to the famous author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie saying someone’s name is extremely powerful. He believed that a person’s name is the sweetest sound they can hear.
That sweet sound naturally ignites good feelings. So when you are chatting with your love interest, make sure you use their name in conversation.

#2 Use Eye contact To Influence Love and Create Connection. 

Eye contact is a strong form of communication for humans that can help you form and maintain a relationship. It acknowledges to another person that you notice and value them.

A study conducted in 1989 assures that simple eye contact could make a person fall in love with you (Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird). In this study, two strangers were asked to gaze into each other’s eyes for two minutes, which in some cases was enough to produce passionate feelings for each other.

So next time you’re on a date or with your significant other take the time to look into their eyes and watch their pupils dilate. You may also start to feel those butterflies.

#3: To Influence Someone To Fall In Love Give Them A Compliment

Compliments make us feel good by both giving and receiving them. They help us feel valued and appreciated, which is a core human need. Compliments are uplifting people love to hear them. A perfect place to use compliments is in response to a fact.

E.g., someone might tell you what they do for work, or what they did over the weekend. This is your opportunity to compliment them on their intelligence, strong work ethic or active and adventurous lifestyle.

Avoid empty compliments that they hear all the time, e.g. “You’re so nice”, or if someone has a stand-out feature such as amazing eyes, they will hear that all the time. Get creative, be different, stand out.

#4: Ask Meaningful Questions That Build Rapport

When you ask someone questions, it shows you are genuinely interested in them. Skip the small talk. People who ask deep questions feel more connected than people who talk about superficial topics.

For example, asking your love interest more about the details, they have already revealed to you. If you are looking at someone’s profile or speaking to them in person and they mention they like weekends away, wine, movies then get specific and get more details.
Talking about what people are already interested in is a great way to build rapport and strengthen the connection.
Here’s a great template.

“So, I see you like wine, me too!” “Red or white?” This opens up the opportunity to talk about wineries, painting a picture of sharing a bottle in front of an open fire and your favourite weekends away.
This is more powerful than asking, “How’s your day?” “How long have you been on this dating app?”

# 5: Gently Touch Your Date To Release Oxytocin ANd Inspire Love

I don’t mean grope sexually. Instead, lightly brush their arm, knee, hold their hand or touch the small of her back. Sit close enough to touch ever so slightly so they can feel your warmth. Hug them.
Physical touch is one of the main love languages and basic human needs. Babies crave their mother’s touch to survive and release the cuddle hormone oxytocin, which gives off that loving feeling.

# 6: To Influence Someone To Fall In Love Smile Together and Have a Laugh

Science says a happy facial expression may compensate for relative unattractiveness.

There is a strong correlation between happiness, confidence, and strength, all of which are considered very attractive. Think about how good it feels to be around someone who is positive and makes you laugh; you naturally want to be around them, right?

To inspire someone to fall in love be light-hearted, playful and laugh together.

A couple that plays together stays together

Always remember the foundations of love, the unexplainable irresistible connection is how someone makes you feel. So in a nutshell, the most powerful way to inspire someone to fall in love with you is to make them feel good 🙂

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