How To Date In Isolation.

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Learn how you can still stay connected with the world and Still Get Your Needs Met While Social Distancing.

Being single right now is hard.

It’s tough to have no opportunities to go on dates, meet new people face to face. Even the stinky bad dates that you used to complain about don’t seem that bad anymore.

At least you got out, right?

Let me give you some hope and some brilliant strategies to meet amazing singles while we are in this temporary period of lockdown.

Think of this as a reset.

Last night when I hosted my regular Husband Project case study group, I was delighted to hear what my precious clients were telling me.

All women had a consistent message and that was the quality of singles out there were so much higher. People were keeping it real, talking longer, being more vulnerable and the guys looking for hook ups well…they weren’t gone.

How good is that?? The hookup culture has fizzled out, well for now anyway. See how this can be a great opportunity for you?

Here are some tips to date in isolation.

# 1 Keep on moving!

What’s most important right now is that you stay moving. If you keep moving, take action you will flow like a fresh stream of water and invigorate yourself. If you stop, you will go stagnant just like if water stops it has no oxygen and it too goes stagnant.

There are so many people in the same boat as you right now so use this as an opportunity to connect and stay connected. You still can maintain connections to people even when we are practicing social distancing protecting our personal and community health.

#2 Stick To Your Goal!

If you look at the statistic’s most relationships today evolve as a result of online dating, so how lucky are we to have this opportunity. If you have a goal of meeting someone this year, settling down, having a family falling in love then you can still do it.

Utilise the apps that are offering video chats to help you nurture your intimate needs. Intimacy is a huge human core need, it’s what we need to thrive. Intimacy can be sexual, emotional, physical even you can’t get some skin on skin action you can connect on an emotional level to help reduce stress and relax.  Keep focusing on your goal, if you want it you can do achieve it!

# 3  Ask The Right Questions.

Now is the time to be real more than ever. Ask your date about their ideal weekend, favourite holiday destination, their family, what they do for fun and who’s important to them.

Listen for their answers they will reveal a lot! If their ideal weekend is drinking with the guys, heading out, and going to the races then you know you have a social guy who prioritise the fun things in life. If he says he sees his family, exercises get’s outdoors then you know you have more of a family, settled guy. These questions help you identify a man’s values and see if his values and lifestyle align with yours.

The same goes for the women out there, what she talks about most, what presses her hot buttons, what she spends money on and her time is what she values. Ask, do they align with yours?

#4 Don’t Put Your Eggs In One Basket.

It’s one of the biggest success strategies I can recommend. Talk to a few people, don’t just focus on one. Be selective, go for someone with aligned values, similar goals, interests and if you know how to figure their type this is a huge predictor in the success of your relationship. If you chat with a few people, you’ll be able to determine who treats you the best, who you connect with most and who you’re most compatible with. If you only have one and they disappear then it can be devastating. Keep things light until you know more.

#5 Keep Things Light-hearted.

Talk about things that feel good, dream, imagine and be playful. If you are the shining light in someone’s life they will want to hear from you more, they will have a positive feeling and experiences when they think of you and this is how you can establish a great connection.

Keeping things light-hearted and playful is essential for this time of stress and uncertainty, you can lift each other up no matter what the outcome.

#6 Set Up A Virtual Date.

Chat away to your date, email and then set up a virtual date where you can see each other. If you feel like you’ve connected and you want to date regularly you can get creative with your dates. You can do a house tour, have breakfast together, cook together, have a Pajama party! Watch a movie, play a game! Connect with each other with some laughter, you can even dress up for each other and do a playful fashion parade. Just be sure you do what you’re most comfortable doing.

# 6 Know There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

We all need hope. Thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel can bring such positive feelings of appreciation and excitement. Think about what you can do in the meantime, take up a course, learn something new and become the best version of you. Because when you’re back out there look out world!! Here you come!!!

# 7 Revamp Your Profile. 

If you want better results change things up a bit with new photos, new copy and sometimes if you delete yourself from an app and re-post you’ll get better hits. Now is the time to keep going, if you give up you’ll be way way way behind. Be smart, stay connected and go find the one!

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