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SECRETS TO Create An Emotional Connection With Texting

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Here’s How To Create An Emotional Connection That Your Date Can’t Resist!

Imagine If You Knew The Secret To Create An Emotional Connection With Texting!

Texting has the power to enhance or destroy a good relationship. Given it is has become the primary form of communication for most people, it is vital to get it right. Creating an emotional connection is a key component to successfully taking your date or relationship to the next level. 

If you get it wrong, you could end up a pen pal style situation or worse have a pattern of destroying potentially great relationships. 

I see this all the time! With the lack of emotions, you can misinterpret things. Communication is made up of 7% words, 38% tonality and 55% body language, so it’s no wonder things get a little mixed when it comes to texting. 

A perfect example of a mixed message is when I see message correspondence between a man and a woman.  

The man is very responsive and so it the woman, they chat for weeks! But he doesn’t ask her out. She thinks he is not interested in a date, and so does he, they both are too afraid to ask each other out.

Eventually, one of them either ghosts or loses their cool and sends the forbidden angry text! And all those weeks are wasted. 

Here are a few tips to help you create an emotional connection with a text message.

1. Use compliments to create an emotional connection with texting.

One of the most potent ways to create an emotional connection with texting and boost attraction is to give compliments. 

The perfect timing to let them know you’re interested in them is by complimenting them when answered a question. Another opportunity to compliment someone is when they provide you with details about something they have done, achieved or want to do.

Eg. If they talk about their degree or career, you may want to say something along the lines of, “Wow, intelligent, good looking too”. 😉 


2. Ask Interesting Questions To Create An Emotional Connection With Texting.

Asking questions helps you build a connection. Everyone loves to talk about themselves; it’s human nature. 

If your date is chatting away, sharing their greatness with you, it means they are interested The more they talk, the more they feel connected because you are noticing them. 

Think about how good it feels when someone is genuinely interested in you. When you get asked questions that allow you to be heard and tell your story, it feels good.  


3.  Be Upbeat And Avoid Negativity To Create An Emotional Connection With Texting.

Avoid the negativity; it’s a huge turn-off. Being upbeat will boost attraction and create an emotional connection with text because; it encourages more good feelings between the two of you. 

Never talk about how long you’ve been single, your ex, their ex, the divorce, the terrible experience of dating websites or apps, or anything that is doom and gloom. 

Focus on positive, upbeat things such as goals, aspirations and great memories.

When you feel good around someone you want to spend more time with the right?


4. Use Humour It’s One Of The Most Sought After Qualities 

Everybody loves a laugh! So use humour to keep things light-hearted, not in the form of telling dad jokes, or being sarcastic but in the form of making fun of yourself or teasing your love interest in a light-hearted way. 

Humour is one of the traits I hear most people want when they look for a long term partner, and it’s a great way to connect over text.

5. Be Visual To Create An Emotional Connection With Texting

Texting can be tedious if it’s just word and word, mundane questions, and fact don’t promote much connection. When texting is descriptive, it makes it more interesting, so use a lot of verbs, keep things as visual as though you were painting a picture. 

Use works such as slippery, crunchy, soft, wet, hard, felt, amazing, beautiful. I’m not talking about getting dirty on your texts, keep things clean, get descriptive. Using an emoji is also a great way to build a connection. ?

6. Flirting is sooo under rated but keep it clean!

Flirting via text is so underrated. Send a few flirty texts in between your more serious ones to make sure you don’t end up in the friendzone. When I say flirt, I don’t mean any meaty dick pics or getting out the boobies. Flirt with more innocence about how something feels, giving a compliment, being cheeky or suggestive.

Talk about persons physical attributes that are non-sexual such as arms, smile, hair and a skillset they may have. 

7.  Things to Avoid That Prevent An Emotional Connection With Texting.

“Hey”, “Hi”, “How is your day?” “What’s up?” are terrible texts to send a new person. It shows a lack of thought and laziness and in most cases, leads to ghosting and no responses because it kills attraction. When texting be more creative, focus on common ground and shared values to create a connection with texting.

The second thing to avoid is double messaging. Wait for a person to respond if they haven’t after say after a few days you want to give a cheeky light-hearted nudge. Maybe they may have innocently missed the message.  


8. Relax And Be Confident When Texting.

If you don’t get a response straight away, it’s ok. So many times I hear people counting how many minutes, hours or days it was in between texting. It’s normal for the texting to be slow at first, build up and then taper off slight especially during these times when we are isolating some more than others. 

Having that space in between communication is fine; it doesn’t always mean you’ve been ghosted. It could just mean they are busy or thinking about what to say. Giving space in between is a great way to build connection and attraction.

In Summary

When you want to create an emotional connection with text messages, keep things light-hearted, upbeat and complimentary. Make sure you keep things feeling good because the better you make a person feel, the more they will want to see you! 

And speaking of seeing, get out on an actual date ideally face to face but if you can’t due to isolation get on a video date. Connecting through your eyes works wonders. Eye contact that lasts for a few seconds promotes falling in love. Now that is magic 🙂

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