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Take control of your love life with help from Australia’s leading relationship expert, matchmaker and scientist, Samantha Jayne.

Attract higher quality men, choose the right one and be in the happy relationship you deserve

You have a great life, career, family and friends, but there’s one thing missing, right? A genuine, intelligent and confident man who sees you as an equal, is attracted to the real you and doesn’t play games. 

What’s keeping you from that fulfilling relationship?

Like so many women who have been let down before, maybe you’re:

If you nodded yes to any of these, you’re not along

As a relationship expert, dating coach and Australia’s most successful matchmaker for more than 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of women meet the man they were meant to be with.

Despite these amazing women being successful and happy in almost every area of life, they also struggled with some of these roadblocks to finding love. 

Until we overcame them together.

How we help you find the man you really want

By trusting in and opening yourself up to my dating coaching you’ll gain the tools and confidence you need to meet the right men, avoid the wrong ones and be ready for the most fulfilling relationship of your life.

Get one-to-one coaching and advice

We get to know you – who you truly are, your goals, your lifestyle, dating situation, what’s been holding you back and, of course, the kind of man you picture yourself with for the long-term. So, we can help you find that great guy and inspire him to chase and commit to you. 

Have a good-man dating plan

We’ll put together a strategy for meeting high quality men – online and in person. By casting the net wide, you don’t focus all your energy on one man. Instead, you’ll be in the driver’s seat of your dating life, and feel in charge of who you’re spending your time with.

Keep dating the right type of men

We’ll be by your side – and in your ear – at every step to ensure you don’t slip into sabotaging habits or dating Mr Wrongs. Our job is to help you meet, attract and connect on a deep level with fantastic men who are aligned with your relationship and life goals.

Be part of a sisterhood

Along with one-to-one dating coaching, I also offer group coaching where you have the opportunity to be part of an encouraging community of successful, like-minded women who you share your dating journey with.

Put their profiles to the test

We use proven personality profiling to give you an early advantage and determine how compatible a man’s personality might be with you, your interests, values, long-term goals and more.

Know what to say (and not say)

Whether you’re on a date, a call, an app or a text you want feel confident that you’re recognising narcissists and time wasters. From message templates to your dating profiles, we can help you cull the herd and pique the interest of high-quality men who respect your time and attention.

Pair science with the chemistry of love

As a trained scientist and relationship expert, I bring human behaviour, psychology, ancient theories, archetypes and attraction strategies to your coaching so you’ll have unique tools to profoundly connect with the one you want.

Ensure men get to meet the best you

You deserve someone amazing, so it’s important the men you date recognise that too. Whatever you need to be your absolute best – confidence coaching, styling advice, romance tips – we’re here to help make your dating experiences fun, exciting and easy.

Meet women who found the right man this time

Mission accomplished. Samantha gave me the confidence to raise my standards and get the man I wanted. I finally have the family life I've always dreamt of. Our baby just turned one!!. So grateful!
I’m having so much fun thanks to Samantha! I had never used a dating app before doing Samantha’s course. As I had heard so many bad stories. Thanks to Samantha, the amazing encouragement and guidance my whole dating life has changed. I’m meeting lovely men and having great dating experiences by learning how to navigate and identify the good men. Samantha’s work is Gold! Pia NSW HUGE thanks!
Pia xx 💕
I went speed dating last night and put some techniques and the “script” into action. I got 10 ‘yes’ and 8 matches! There was a total of 15 guys last night. I’m impressed! That’s a really good result and much better than my normal.
The first day after we did the profile I got so bombarded! I’m having sooo much fun!! I’ve already been asked out on a date 🙂 I’m really enjoying this online gig…a new profile has transformed everything!
I’ve constantly been impressed with Samantha Jayne and her level of professionalism and commitment. She is – without a doubt – Australia’s ‘Executive Dating Guru’ who shares a wealth of knowledge with her clients giving them the best opportunity of finding love. If you’re single and want to find your ideal match, look no further – pick up the phone and give Sam a call!
Fay Hollands

About your dating coach, Samantha Jayne

Since 2005, you could say I’ve been Australia’s go-to girl in the dating and matchmaking industry.As a dating coach and Relationship Expert, I’ve helped thousands of exceptional professional single men and women at different stages on their relationship journey. Be it discovering true love for the first time or bringing it back into their lives again.

I’ve shared my expertise in Cosmopolitan magazine, Sheknow’s Australia, and Women’s Health & Fitness, and appeared on countless television and talkback radio programs.

Just as importantly, I bring a wide range of credentials and qualifications to your coaching as a trained scientist, Life Coach, Internally Accredited Dating Coach, and human behavioural expert.


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