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Get one-on-one dating coaching from Australia’s leading relationship expert, dating coach and scientist, Samantha Jayne.

here's how to attract the kind of woman you want!

Would you like to attract an intelligent  and genuine woman? Someone who sees you, appreciates you and is attracted to the real you?

Whether you’re ready for your first meaningful relationship, or want to get it right this time round, or you want to find a woman you connect with on every level, it can be time-consuming, frustrating and deflating. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

You can turn it around and get what you want. 

What’s stopping you from being in a great relationship?

While there’s never been more opportunities to meet single women, finding the right woman for a meaningful relationship is more challenging than ever!

Do you find yourself:

If you nodded yes to any of these, you’re in the right place

As a relationship expert and dating coach – and Australia’s most successful matchmaker for more than 15 years – I’ve helped thousands of men create the relationship they’ve always wanted with the woman they were meant to be with.

While all of these wonderful men were successful, intelligent and confident in their careers, they too struggled with one or more of these roadblocks to finding love. Until we worked together.

With the right tools and strategies, they had the confidence to meet, connect with and romance the kind of amazing women they knew they deserved.

How we help you win over the woman you want

When you choose us as your trusted relationship advisors, you’ll have everything you need to meet the right women and avoid wasting time meeting the wrong ones.

one-to-one coaching and advice

We get to know you – who you truly are, your goals, your lifestyle, dating situation, what’s been holding you back and, of course, the kind of woman you picture in your arms for the long-term. So, we can make a plan to meet her and win her heart!


“What is she thinking?”, “Why did she do that?”, “How could I know what she wants?” You’ll have a female confidante who can answer all those baffling questions about women, and translate emotional Venus-speak into practical Martian.​


Whether you’re on a date, a call, an app or a text you want feel confident that you’re saying the right things to keep the conversation flowing. From message templates to roleplays and dating profile advice we teach you how to piqué her interest, avoid getting blocked and inspire her to fall for you.​


As a trained scientist and relationship expert, I bring to your coaching human behaviour, psychology, ancient theories, archetypes and attraction strategies so you’ll have unique tools to profoundly connect with the one you want.​


We’ll be by your side – to ensure you don’t slip into sabotaging habits or dating Ms Wrongs. Our job is to help you meet, attract and connect on a deep level with beautiful, intelligent women who are aligned with your relationship and life goals.​


You deserve someone amazing, so it’s important the women you date feel that too. Whatever you need to be your absolute best – confidence coaching, styling advice, romance tips – we’re here to help make your dating experiences fun, exciting and easy..​



What you don’t get (or want) from my men’s dating coaching

The way love works constantly surprises me. But there’s one sure thing I’ve discovered as a dating coach and matchmaker.

The only way to deeply connect, fall in love and create a genuine, meaningful long-term relationship with someone special is to be the 100% authentic you.

So, while we may share advice on things to say and ways to flirt so she gets to meet the best version of real you, we never teach you:

About your dating coach, Samantha Jayne

Since 2005, you could say I’ve been Australia’s go-to industry expert.

As a dating coach and Relationship Expert, I’ve helped thousands of exceptional professional single men and women at different stages on their relationship journey. Be it discovering true love for the first time or bringing it back into their lives again.

I’ve shared my expertise in Cosmopolitan magazine, Sheknow’s Australia, and Women’s Health & Fitness, and appeared on countless television and talkback radio programs.

Just as importantly, I bring a wide range of credentials and qualifications to your coaching as a trained scientist, Life Coach, Internally Accredited Dating Coach, and human behavioural expert.

Yes Sam! I want to apply for private coaching

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