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How To Make A Man Commit 

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Hi, I'm Samantha Jayne, Relationship Expert and I'm here to help you have the relationship you have always dreamed of!  

Make Men Commit combines, science, psychology and practical steps to create life changing transformations in love.

If Your A Woman Who Wants To Attract And Marry The Man of Your Choice, This Program Could Change Your Life Forever!

Everything You Need To Know To Make A Man & Commit Is In This Program 

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Suddenly you will feel you are HEARD, LOVED and WANTED by your man!

This program has been designed with you in mind....and if you apply my simple steps you can have the commitment you have always wanted with the man of your choice!

So what's the "Secret" To Making A Man Commit?

To make a man commit you need to penetrate a man's psyche on a deep meaningful level and have him associate massive pleasure with committing to you!

My simple steps help you develop a bond so strong with your man, so much so that he fears losing you

more than he fears losing his freedom. 

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Create Intense Emotional Attraction In A Man So He Falls In Love And Commits To You!

Over 31 Videos of PROVEN Methods, Techniques, And Tips!

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Module 1 - The 4 Types of Men & How To Connect Deeply With Each

Understanding your man and identifying his personality type is the most important factor to tapping into his psyche and deeply connecting with him like no other woman.

You’ll discover…

  •  The 4 types of Men - How to identify and determine your most compatible man
  •  The specific words to use when talking to each type of man that brings him close to you.
  •  How to get inside his mind, unlock his thinking and decision making strategies.
  •  How to regain control of your dating life and STOP wasting precious time with the wrong man.

Module 2 - Boosting Confidence and Becoming Irresistible.

Discover the game changer technique that boosts confidence and makes you feel irresistible.

You'll learn: 

  •  How to build confidence and melt away the fear of rejection. 
  •  The secret to becoming an ultimate man magnet that he can’t resist.
  •  How to detox from past relationships, conquer dating, and gain a fresh start in love. 
  •  How to open-up without with feeling vulnerable and ignite intense attraction instead. 
  •  The little-known secret that gets a man interested in you instantly.

The biggest mistakes that women make that make men disappear and fear commitment. 

You will discover..

  •  The most common mistake that strong women make that repel men and how to avoid it. 
  •  The beliefs that are sabotaging your relationships and how to overcome them. 
  •  The real truth about ultimatums and withholding sex. 
  •  How to avoid the things that women do instinctively if a man pulls away that make it worse.

Module 3 - The Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Repel Men

Module 4 - The Love Languages That Drive Him Crazy For you!

This information is essential to subconsciously connect with him and create an unbreakable bond. 

You will discover.. 

  •  Word for word scripts to make him feel so good he can't get enough of you!

  •  How to get in touch with his love language so he feels safe enough to open-up to you

  •  The simple shift that makes you instantly more attractive!

  •  How to tap into your feminine energy and watch him melt for you

  •  What to do if he disconnects and becomes distant and how turn it around.

How to connect deeply with his heart and inspire him stay in love with you even long after the honeymoon period is over.  You will discover.. 

  •  The secret psychology to making your man fall in love with you.

  •  How to create intense attraction with your man, so he can't get you out of his head.

  •  How to unveil his inner-romantic by making him fall in love with you like never before.

  •  How to keep the passion alive and make him feel like he is missing out when he is not with you.

Module 5 - Triggers That Make Him Fall in Love And Stay In Love

Module 6 - The Commitment Code

The best ways to make him commit. Learn the exact steps you need to take to get a man to commit to you fast and make him think its his idea!

You will discover..

  •  How to get commitment from your man without asking 
  •  Discover the 6 secret steps in the commitment code that make him want to commit to you fast! 
  •  How to make you his No.1 choice over ‘Boys nights’. 
  •  Understand the secret psychology that makes him want to commit to you

Exactly What You're Getting 

  • 31 video's - watch immediately
  • 8+ hours of step-by-step video's - convenient instant access
  • 8+ hours of Audio - inspiring way to start your day on the way to work or the gym
  • Workbook–full of teaching slides and tools - stay accountable with smart strategies that get results
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Get the man you've always wanted with the Husband Hunt like a matchmaker guide.

 These steps are the very ones that I’ve used to build a strong connection with my husband who was previously called      commitment phobic. (We were married in less than 12 months). 

All course materials are delivered in a member’s only website, via online video and audio downloads. Also included is a copy of presentation slides plus tones extra bonuses including, love scripts, checklists and recordings of any live calls. 


I've condense years worth powerful knowledge into easy to understand webinars and workbooks.

  • Secret to Magnetic Attraction e book, ($47 Value)
  • Husband Hunt Like A Matchmaker workbook, ($47 Value)
  • Seduction Scripts, (Value, $147)
  • Make Men Commit e book, ($19.97, Value
  • Total Make Men Commit Value, $3760

The fastest relationship game changing transformation program to be released to the public


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Over 31 Videos of PROVEN Methods, Techniques, And Tips!


Samantha Jayne, Relationship Expert, The Bachelor

"Samantha Jayne,  calculates her clients' compatibility with one another through a "scientific" formula that matches people with similar attitudes and values."

 "Our relationship has grown stronger than ever thanks to the make men commit program! Thank you!!"

- Sandi, Manager

We Are Closer Than Ever!

Practical, real advice. It helped me get even closer to my man. LOVE it!

-Gayle, Manager, Queensland


The Seduction Script Works! 

I used the seduction script at speed dating and 10 out of 15 of the men said, "yes", to meeting me! (I normally get 1 - 3)

- Scarlett, Investor, Sydney

My Confidence Boosted!

"I feel more confident than ever and I'm getting what I want! I'm having so much fun attracting really good men. Let's see who wins!"

- Danielle, Teacher, Brisbane.

He Proposed Within Months!

I wish I had found Make Men Commit it sooner.  My whole life has improved, my relationship, career and confidence!

- Cindy, Marketing, Melbourne

I feel empowered. I learnt how to flirt!! Best part I've connected with a nice man at work. Things are going strong!

- Heather, Accountant

I've Learn't To Flirt!

I have the formula that shows you exactly how to deeply connect with your man's subconscious to trigger an intense desire in him to want to commit to you.

It's this deep emotional connection that makes you irreplaceable without the need of looking like a supermodel. 

I’ve helped thousands of women around the world discover the secrets to making a man commit. They have been able to transform their relationships with men and find lasting love and happiness.

I know exactly what it takes to make a man fall in love and stay in love!

I’m living proof my formula works.

My husband is a strong, smart and successful man who had never been able to commit to a woman, (we married within 12 months) and we’ve never been happier.

It wasn’t always this easy. Once upon a time, I struggled. On the outside, I appeared to have it all but on the inside I had low confidence and a painful relationship past. I wasted years of precious time in non-committal or unhealthy relationships. I felt helpless.

I knew something had to change. I worked hard, and learnt everything about attraction and the psychology of what it took to make a man commit and most importantly how to differentiate between husband material and a time waster. 

I found happiness, you can too! 

Imagine Your Future With Your Dream Man!

Samantha Jayne 

Relationship Expert The Bachelor

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 I created Make Men Commit so as many women as possible around the world could access affordable coaching that transforms their relationships with men! Here is your opportunity to have the relationship you have always wanted!

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Learning about the personality types helped me make better decisions with men. I can now pick the difference between the players and the good guys!  Powerful stuff! 

Laura - Sunshine Coast

The Make Men Commitment program is powerful. You'll learn how to understand how to connect with your man more than any other woman. I love watching my man melt when I used the seduction script. He is a new man, it's like we are back in the honeymoon phase! If only he knew!! 

Deb, Perth

I recommend the Make Men Commit program to all women. It doesn't matter if your single or in a relationship, you'll notice men will be drawn to you. You'll feel more confident, attract better men that previously didn't notice you and get commitment easily. 

Robyn, Sydney 

I've learnt how to connect with my man better than ever before. My confidence has skyrocketed and we are taking things to the next level. I love the program so much I've recommended it all all my friends! We are all loving it! 

Lou, Hawaii

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