8 Hacks That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out On A Dating App

Do you want to know how to make your dating profile get more likes and better matches?

Well, here’s one good news: it’s not just about looks, there are a few game changing tweaks that make you memorable, likeable and capture attention.

This article gives you 8 tips you can do to help your online persona stand out on a dating app.

It’s incredibly important to get it right. If you have the right message that targets exactly the type of person you want, then you’ll have more success with people who are aligned values and goals. So, here’s how you do it.


Place Specific Information About Yourself

Having common interests is a great way to spark up a connection. List out your hobbies, favourite bands, and favourite movies, how you like to spend your ideal weekend. Mention the outdoors, beaches, exercise, passions, and anything that is unique about you.

Do you mediate, love action, renovation, reading, learning, singing, art, cooking or get creative?

Putting information about the things you love will help with opening questions so that you can have interesting and enjoyable conversations.

Plus, it gives you a higher chance of getting your potential partner to go out with you on a date that both of you will enjoy.

Choose Good Photos

A picture says a thousand words!

A random selfie particularly one in the mirror or lift doesn’t highlight your appearance, in fact it can work against you especially if it’s bathroom selfie.

It’s best to go to a studio or outdoors and have a photographer take your photo, there are so many affordable services out there such as www.snappr.com which have professional photographers at faction of the price.

Make sure you wear you wear a mix of casual and dressy clothes; ladies get a blow dry and natural make up and men have a clean cut or tie your hair back.

Make sure you have a mix of a headshot, body shot and you look friendly.

Get on a Healthy Routine to Look Good

Eat healthy food, have a regular exercise regime, and get some good sleep as much as you can.

You don’t have to have a bland diet and workout like a marathon runner to look fit and be your best version.

If you’re struggling consult a nutritionist about the multitude of fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats that you can turn into tasty dishes, read books, watch shows about healthy eating.

Join a gym, yoga studio or join a group sporting team, it’s a great way to make new friends and connections all while maintain and improving your physical wellbeing.

Share your Travel Pics

When you post the destinations, you’ve been to, you’re sending the message that you’re adventurous and love to have fun and you’ll attract someone like minded.

Find photos that make excellent talking points, perhaps something iconic, out in nature, a city or something thought provoking.

I always recommend at least one travel pic where your smiling and looking fresh.

Post videos and photos about your daily life

People are often afraid of fake accounts and being misled so show that you’re a real person.

Post pictures and videos of you working out. Dancing to some beat. Singing in your car. Cooking your Food. Share details about your life that other people will find interesting and funny in a good way. Positive energy is infectious.

Share pictures of your friends and your social circle

Remember the saying, tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are?

You can implement a practical application of this by uploading pictures and videos of you and your friends. What are your hobbies? Where do you guys hang out?

Naturally, you would be interested to date someone who has similar interests and lifestyle as you and someone with friends!

Feature Your Pet

Pet’s are brilliant assets to have on your dating profile.  Being a responsible and loving pet owner is attractive because you’re showing to other people that you’re capable and caring.

It becomes a positive feedback loop because pet-loving people will be suggested to you by the dating app.

So basically, you get to gain 3 positive things in 1 method. You get to share your love for your pet. You get to meet other pet lovers who are more likely to have positive traits like maturity and being caring. Instant connection.

If you don’t have a pet borrow a friends or post a picture of a pet you would like 😊

Have A Call To Action

If you’re looking for something real and a long-term relationship, then be open and transparent, write it on your profile.

Eg, “I’d love to meet my best friend, someone with aligned values, message me!”

If you’re clear about what you want, then it will be an excellent filter. Saying you want a long-term relationship will repel a few but that is what you want. You want someone that has your back, who wants the same things are you. Life is easier that way.


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